The Game Begins. IPL vs ICL

December 5, 2007

With the announcement of Indian cricket league by Zee group led by Mr Shubash Chandra, who is a new comer to this business. But he have proved his business acumen several; times in the past. He has dared to take the mighty BCCI ( board of cricket control in India), who is not only have monopoly on Indian Cricket, but also commands the ICC( International cricket council).

With the announcement of ICL by Zee groups, the BCCI rush to take the preventive measures to ensure that it does not looses out its supremacy over the game. It just ordered each board of cricket playing nation that , they should instruct their player from signing any contract with ICL, other wise it will lead to expulsion from world cricket.

More over they also refused to lend the cricket stadiums for the ICL (Indian Cricket leagues Matches). This clearly shows their defensive mode against the challenge thrown by the ICL.

Lastly, they also announce their own 20:20 format leagues i.e IPL (Indian premier League). The just poured the money on the players by keeping minimum bidding amount depending on the caliber of the players. they went on making each one of the players millionaires in order to counter attach the ICL ( Indian Cricket League) .

All this clearly shows the fear in the mind of BCCI for loosing its supremacy over the game. And for the betterment of game, free market economy should prevail here also,as it happens in the case of markets, where free market led competition always benefits the end consumer.

Due to competition, all the three parties related to the game will be befitted, The game of cricket, the players and lastly and most importantly The spectators.

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