should grandpa retires?

November 3, 2009

This questions has been in mind of every person who has any connection with cricket.Is this the time for Grandpa, this is what most of the team mates call Sachin Tendulkar) to retire.

I have dilemma in mind and can't have my point of view for the same. Considering this year and last few years of performance from bating maestro, i think its time for him to day goodbye to the game.
He is one of the best and greatest batsman the game have ever produced. and there is phase in every one's life when he has to decide to call it off.

I think the problem with Master Blaster is that , he has given enough to the game and can't think anything beyond the game. He is so much in love with the game that he might even don't care about his performance.He just want to stay in the game because he loves the game so much.

But i think this is not good for Indian Cricket, considering the dream of every one of us to win the world cup again. He is occupying one very vital position in the team, which incase would have been used to nurture any raw talent. And i know that he might end up in having a poor show in the world cup 2011. I am not saying that this would be intentional, but at that time his body will be two more years older and the performance would go down.

One of my biggest fear is that i don't want this genius retirement/exit from indian team in a way other great batsmen have departed. It should be proud moment for every one of us.

Tendulkar has to understand this, if his expulsion from the team is forced one,it will not hurt only him, but also millions and millions of fans around the world.

I want him to be remembered for a longer time with same intensity as he has been remembered during his cricketing years.

I don't know what other thinks, but this is my thoughts.

Team India is favorites to take up Twenty20 World Cup

May 31, 2009

Cricket fever is going to be at its peak during this summers when all the teams fight for the T20 world cup.

Without any doubt, Team India is the most probable candidate for winning the T20 world cup slated to start from 5th June 2009 in England. Team India has huge success in the Second season of IPL2 with most of the players in excellent form.

RP Singh and Rohit Sharma has impressed every one with their form in the IPL season 2 while the form of skipper Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh was also worth applaud. The only concern is that both the openers have not performed well but I am sure that regaining form would not be a difficult task for the world best openers.

The best thing about this young team India is that they have learn to handle pressure and chasing the total is also no more a night mare for Indian batsman. Team India is pretty much balanced in every department compared to other teams in the world.

Other contenders for the t20 world cup are Pakistan and Australia. Pakistan is the runners up for the last t20 world cup, though there has been lot of changes in the Pakistan cricket since then. Australian Captain Ricky Ponting is taking no chance this time and he and his boys are sweating enough in sun to make sure that they are become undisputed leaders in all form of the game.

Its only time will tell that who is going to be the new t20 world champion, but I put my money on team India considering the fact the morale of the team is high, the team is enjoying the game and they are really a great team in true sense.

DLF IPL T20 season II statrted with bang.

April 20, 2009

Every one of us thought the the opening ceremony of IPL season 2 will be not as grand as it was during last year. But thanks to the heroic efforts of the people involved in the organizing this mammoth event.

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