Old horses Be ware...next season you might Kicked OUT

May 29, 2008

Yes, its true, come next season and you can see many of the know faces are not visible in the IPL anymore, considering the amount of money involved every franchisee would like to get out of red ASAP. After all it’s all about money honey.
This is indicated from the recent spat between Mr Mallya and the wall Rahul dravid. The flamboyant owner of Banglore Royal challenger has indicated that he is very disappointed with the way his team has performed.
And he is right at his place because after all every one is concerned about their share of money be it BCCI or the players.
There is clear hint for almost all the old horses that are just in the race for the sake of money and fame associated with the game. They should understand their body can’t have the energy and stamina for this form of cricket and they should part away with this type of cricket and concentrate on the longer form of the game.
This move will be a very good indication for every one who just wants to play the game for the sake of money and fame associated with it.

All about IPL and ICL: T20 twice in a year..a pain or a gain

T20 twice in a year..a pain or a gain

May 26, 2008

Lalit Modi is not going to stop anywhere. The head of the so called great cricketing leagues is planning to organize the marathon tournament twice in a year from 2011. This is simply a classic example of fulfilling one desire and ambition. He is not aware by this move he is going to do an irreparable damage to the gentle men's game. The International Cricket Council is only going to support this move as they as looking to add some huge amount of dolors to their kitty. The ICC can't even think of apposing this move because of millions of dollors flowing to their pocket as well.
But this marathon event will curtail the international cricketing calender up to a great extent and with the growing popularity and increasing money in IPL, every player would love to be the part of this form of cricket.
But Mr.Modi is not bother about the vintage Ashes rivalry, the indo pak rivalry, all this will vanish due to the IPL monster.
So Mr Modi for the sake of personal interest just don't ruin the game other wise our coming generation will no longer take any interest in original form of the game which is also called the test of one's character.