Cricketer Shoaib Akhtar gets takers

September 4, 2008

The ace Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar is now being targeted by the English county side Surry who are presently fighting the relegation from the premier 1st division of the County Championship.

Surrey is possibly look set to get dropped as they are placed at the bottom of the table by only 18 points in hand with 3 matches to play. And now in this crunch situation, the cricket manager of Surrey, Alan Butcher, is planning to include Shoaib for the upcoming matches. Especially against Kent, Butcher wants Shoaib.

Butcher claimed that he had already talked with the lanky fast bowler and they are now wanting to see whether Shoaib get himself ready for this crunch game of surrey.

The manager also said that they have got 3 games in their hand which they desperate to win and to do that they there needs to be something special to happen. But it needs to be seen if there is any sort of legal problem to include a foreign player in the midst of a season. On the other hand, it has to be seen how he performs if he plays.

But one thing is sure he will give his best to this because this performance can prove his candidature for the forthcoming cricket series of Pakistan and T20 cricket matches especially the IPL.

Jones absence- A great loss for England

September 2, 2008

Kevin Pietersen, the captain of the England Cricket Team, has said that it is indeed unfortunate to not been able to pick the tall lanky fast-bowler of Welsh, Simon Jones.
Jones, who is suffering from his damaged cartilage, will be out of cricket for this entire season.

The 29 year old pacer has been ruled out for at least 8-10 weeks which also means that he will not be part of the England team to their tour to India within 2 months time. Jones played an extremely crucial part in England’s win against the mighty Australians in 2005 Ashes Series.

The captain said that he would have love top take Jones against the Indians but unfortunately he will not be able to do so.

In the mean time, Jones himself is also very upset with his sudden injury. In fact he was the hero of that famous series against the Australians and without him the pace attack of England will surely be bit weak.

If we go through the statistics of the English side for the past couple of years, we will see that England has depended a lot to this lanky medium pacer. So England will definitely feel the absence of Simon Jones.

Indian olympic association fear from cricket

The president of Indian Olympic Association, Suresh Kalmadi, has recently said that he doesn’t want to see T 20 Cricket being played in the Commonwealth Games. He also added that India will definitely bid for the Olympic Games of 2020.

Kalmadi told the press reporters that though Indian Olympic association proposed the inclusion of cricket in its new T20 cricket format in the Games during bidding, but he himself is not a fan of cricket.

He feels that especially with India, a country that worships cricket, if cricket is added in the games then it will grab all the attention. Kalmadi expressed his desire to bid for the 2020 Olympic after a good show in the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

But interestingly, Kalmadi has confessed the fact that lack of scientific training is a big obstacle to the success of India in the Olympic Games. Government has already announced a Rs 700 crore for a proper training for the Indian players for the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

2008 Olympic has shown the amount of talent India has in Boxing and the president also urges the armed forces as well as the policemen to encourage more number of sportsmen.

The main reason for fear of MR. Kalmadi is that, if cricket is included in the Commonwealth games or the Olympic games, he might loose the control over the Indian Olympic association, as BCCI will dominate the Indian Olympic association because of the simple reason, cricket is religion in India and if inculd3ed in commonwealth games, it will be one man show, where we can only see T20 cricket every where.

Cricket rules here

Honeymoon with Olympic sports short-lived

Past one month has rarely seen the Indians celebrating and shouting for boxers and shooters rather than cricketers. Yes, the medals of the Olympic Games by Avinav Bindra and Vijender Kumar etc have really made us proud.

Especially the performance by Avinav Bindra should be given kudos and media from every corners of our country flashed this young lad from Chandigarh. To be honest, Bindra’s gold medal is surely something that will be cherished for a long time to come.

But more importantly what this man had said after winning medal is like an eye-opener for us. This man has fearlessly said that there is something wrong in our whole infrastructure this is not only sad but indeed frustrating to see that having 120 crores of population, we are unable to win even 10 medals.

But yes, as long as the worship and focus will remain only in cricket, the things don’t seem to be changing because we have been these things for a long time. Still Olympic Games look fed compare to the glamor and glitter of cricket.

Its all over for Cricketer Andrew symonds

Cricketer of the Australian National side, Andrew Symonds, is now in a bit tight situation after being blamed for lack of commitment towards his team of late. Incidentally, the tall-lanky all-rounder of the Australian cricket Team had gone fishing last week leaving the practice-schedule of his team.

And furthermore, the player will miss the ODI series against Bangladesh because he went straight to his home from Darwin without even bothering to attend the compulsory team meeting.

It’s not for the first time that Symonds has committed such a mistake that is against the rule of the game. In 2005, he got drunk and he even fought with a South African Rugby player in the year 2006.

And importantly both Ricky Ponting and Michael Clarke, who had helped this player in previous cases, this time, have stood silent. According to the Australian Cricket Manager, the board will now tear up the contract with the player this time.

Though the Australian cricket board seems to be bit stubborn this time but let see what actually they do to solve this problem this time round.

I would really appreciate the level of professionalism in Australian cricket board and BCCI should learn some thing from them. As it is considered one of the most unprofessional cricket board which revolves around few people.

Yosuf worried for pakistan cricket

September 1, 2008


Ace Pakistani International Cricketer Mohammad Yousuf today has said that he is not happy with the amount of International exposure given to the Pakistan cricket national side. Importantly, after Australia has terminated their tour to Pakistan, Pakistan will end up this year by playing not even a single test.

Yousuf, who has represented Pakistan in 269 ODIs and in 79 Tests, has expressed his concern over the current situation with the Pakistan cricket. He is not only disappointed, but feels that such situation has never had with any international cricket side.

The last blow to the cricket loving country was of course when the ICC decided to pull out the Champions Trophy from Pakistan that was scheduled to play here from 12th September 2008.

Yousuf also expressed his concern over the fact that lack of Test Cricket will actually decrease the ability to play strong and skillful cricket among the current Pakistan players. In this craze of T20 cricket, the real test is of course the Test Cricket and even that stops then it will be really a blow to the Pakistan Cricket.

Yuvraj Slapped by emotional fan

It is very true and secret news. Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh was slapped in a disco in Colombo , while the team was celebrating the series win over the host srilanka.

The Incident took place in a disco in the heart of city Colombo, where the Indian cricket team was celebrating their 2nd best achievement after the T 20 cricket world cup win. Every one was enjoying and partying hard and why not ? they have done very hard work for this.

But there are people in this world who can't be satisfied irrespective of whatever you do.

During the party , a emotional hardcore Yuvraj singh fan, came and slapped yuvi because of his failure in the series with Srilandka. After slapping yuvraj, the person ram away and every one was shocked and they did not know what to do, but after few minutes of tense environment, the party was continued.

Every one knows that you can win the most difficult battles in the field but winning the Fans is the hardest of all job.

One should understand that cricketers or any other celebrities are also human being and they do have some limitation, and its really bad to over expect from them every time. one should always accept the failures and success of their heroes equally.

Indian Cricket

Without him Indian Cricket can't be complete, The greatest cricketer we have every seen.

The new lethal force of Indian cricket marked their presence by winning the world in T20 cricket, a new poster boy of the cricket. A long way to go for them.

The world cup victory in 1983 marked a new era in Indian Cricket, India's get recognition in the cricketing world.

Cricket is Religion and crickets are god in India, this is a famous and very true saying as far as cricket in India is concerned.

The cricket has indeed come a long way for the past couple of centuries and though it was invented in London and its counties, cricket seems to have shifted its base to Asian countries like India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka for the past couple of decades.

Very often we see a banner in any of the international outings of India’s national team which says: ‘cricket is our religion’. And it itself shows how popular the game of cricket is in a country like India.

But probably the most important factor is that India, having a population of over 100 crores, is at the centre of target for all the sponsors because in this country cricket and Hindi-films sells like nothing else and if you can associate your company with any of the ODIs of India then it’s done. The commercial profit is probably the biggest reason why India has become the power-house of money in the game of cricket.

Cricket to India is what Football is to Brazil and today almost 8 out of 10 kids in India want to become a cricketer in the future. Cricketers are God in this country and the amount of interest for the game is such that India and cricket has almost become synonyms.

And after the arrival of the latest form of the game called the T 20 cricket, the popularity of cricket and cricketers seems to be just increasing. If there is any India’s match going on in the TV you can expect the roads to get empty well before the night, such is the craze of this game in our country. This is one such country where cricket plays a key role to unite the public and the heart of the nation also beats with every game of the nation side.

I can undoubtedly say that cricket is the most popular game in India and no other sports can challenge its supremacy.

Australia overcome symonds Issue

August 31, 2008

After the sad expulsion of Andrew Symonds from the current Australia- Bangladesh cricket series due to indiscipline, Australia convincingly thrashed the protease by 180 runs.

Australia wrap up the second Inning in 27.4 over and the poor Bangladesh could only make 74 runs. This was Bangladesh's lowest score in the one day international matches, earlier it was against India,where they were knocked out on 76.

Hussey came out to be the star in the match with 85 runs of 87 balls. Opener Shaun marsh also made 76 runs in his first international match in the home soil.

With the absence of big name like ponting, symonds, Hayden and Bret Lee, The Australians were still playing like the way they are known.

For Bangladesh, this tour is going to be really really tough as they have to play some good cricket to with stand in front of Aussies.