Bhajji Slap Sree...a marketing Gimmick

May 1, 2008

The angry punjab da putter has did it again. Yes , he has again created trouble for him self, and this time by indulging with his own team mate. In an IPL match in Mohali, the Bhajji slapped Sreesanth and thus making every one amazed by his act. No one knows, what made him so angry that he went on to slap his team mate. and thus earning a ban of 10 matches.
Despite of the fact that, Bhajji made his debut just few seasons after Rahul and other seniors in the Team, but still he is not counted in the seniors. Can you guess the reason?
Its just simple, because of his immaturity and anger.

But one can also not deny the fact that, this all episode can be a Marketing gimmick as well by the authorities to just attract the viewers attention to IPL, which is not up to the mark. As most of the teams are facing problems in getting the sponsors and they are not able to break even for at least next few years to come. This will help IPL to get attention of the audience.

Problem with IPL......when its going to be OVER?

This BCCI's child has problems right from its birth, and the latest addition is the departure of some Aussies and New Zea landers from the game in between, to represent their country in the forthcoming tours. and soon the South African will be joining them. Thus creating a problem with the much hyped league.
The main reason for this problem is the non consideration of IPL by ICC in their calender years. Thus letting this IPL child in trouble in its first year itself.

Still, IPL has a long way to go to become a successfully sports league as English premier League, the worlds most professional sports league. It has to act smartly and wisely to set an example to most of the to be followed cricket leagues in the world.

Is IPL going to be a success?

If you are an Indian then you ought to be familiar with two things; Hindi films & Cricket. Cricket, which is considered as a religion in this country, is not only a game but many more than that. When ODI was introduced to the cricket loving people the organizers were not sure about its success but slowly we have seen how this form of the game has conquered this nation and don’t forget the fact that Test cricket hasn’t yet lost it’s old charm & exuberance. But here we will be discussing about something which is in the centre of discussion for various reasons. Yes, I am talking about nothing but IPL, the hottest thing in India nowadays.

Well, you can say it the latest and shortest version of International Cricket which has entered the craziest venue of International Cricket, India. The IPL actually is a 20/20 cricket league which is played by professional cricketers all around the world. Mainly promoted by BCCI, this format of the cricket games hopes to bring lots of money in ICC’s bank account. There are 8 teams playing in this league: Kings 11 Punjab, Bangalore Royal Challengers, Chennai Super Kings, Deccan Chargers, Mumbai Indians, Rajasthan Royals, Kolkata Knight Riders & Delhi Daredevils. Many celebrities from other field of society have also entered the stage of IPL.Leading Bollywood stars like Shahrukh Khan, Priety Zinta and businessmen like Mukesh Ambani & Vijay Malliya have their own teams.

Now as we know that the people of India love the game of cricket more than anything we can predict that in the initial stages people will surely come to see the IPL 20/20 not only to see this new format but to see the other aspects of this game. You know I personally feel that 20/20 cricket is like a package of entertainment because in the ground you will get a vibrant surroundings with live performances. But it will be too early to comment anything about the future of this game. Let see how people response to this format of the game, which so far looks good. But whether 20/20 will leave permanently? Well, nobody can answer that question now. Look, one true thing is that today we are living in a very fast world and many people don’t have time to see a 5day test match, they want quick entertainment. 20/20 is like a hot burger and some people will surely find it interesting. But this is too early to say something final about the success of IPL.

Indian Premier League (IPL)-controversy’s child

April 28, 2008

The IPL is a 20-20 cricket league played by the professional players of all around the world. Promoted by BCCI, this newly born baby of ICC hopes to give huge bank balance to both BCCI & ICC. There are 8 teams in this league; Bangalore Royal Challengers, Kings 11 Punjab, Chennai Super Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders, Deccan Chargers, Mumbai Indians, Rajasthan Royals & Delhi Daredevils. These teams are owned by famous businessmen or actor like; Shahrukh Khan, Vijay Maliya, Preity Zinta, Mukesh Ambani etc.

Even before the first ball of this league was bowled it has been under the scanner and various controversies are arising around it, but everything has taken the back sit after the incident of 25th April in the match between Mumbai Indians & Kings 11 Punjab. At the end of this match, Harbhajan Sing, the turbonater of India and a player of Mumbai Indians, slapped S.Sreesanth, angry young bowler of Kings 11 Punjab as well as Indian senior cricket team. It was said that Harbhajan became so irritated by constant attitude of Sreesanth that he couldn’t hold himself and slapped him after the match. Harbhajan said that he just knocked him as an elder brother. But things have become critical after Nes Wadia & Preity Zinta, the owner of Kings 11 Punjab wanted evasive action against Harbhajan.

Things could have gone under the mat if there was no such evidence but the video footage that was found, could become the deciding factor of Harbhajan’s fate. On Monday, the 28th of April at Mohali, match referee Farokh Engineer will give his verdict after the hearing. In this crucial meeting, Neil Maxwell, Yuvraj Sing and S.Sreesanth will be present. This is surely going to be a hot discussion as the whole Mumbai team is with Harbhajan and their coach & captain will support this off-spinner. Many also feels that Sreesanth was crying in joy 7 Harbhajan was provoked and many other such speculations are coming. But the important factor is if Harbhajan is found guilty then he could get a suspension of 5 Test or 10 ODI matches. It will ultimately hit the senior Indian cricket team.

Whatever happens, cricket should be played in the proper manner and every rule should be maintained thoroughly. Infact Farokh Engineer has clearly confirmed that the decision will be taken on the basis of ICC’s code of conduct. So let’s wait for the verdict because Harbhajan’s case can keep a crucial impact in the following fixtures of Indian cricket team.