Shame on Sri Lanka Cricket.

August 17, 2010

Can you expect one of the Oldest Test playing nation and one time world Champion to show the lowest standards in Game? before Monday's game the answer would have been No, but on Monday, Sri Lankan cricket team has proved that they can play game at the lowest level.

Virender Sehwag was batting on 99 and India needed 5 runs to win the match in Dambula. A ball from Randiv went for four bye runs thus leveling the scores.The last ball was bowled a no ball before Sehwag hit it for a Six. But unfortunately that six was not counted because in the game of cricket extra runs are counted first. All this was done to stop Sehwag to complete his Century.

Although the Sri lankan cricket board controlled the damaged by Saying apology for the unfortunate events. This should be taken seriously not only by Cricket Srilanka but by all the cricket boards across the boards to prevent such unfortunate events and to raise the spirit of the game.