Money in cricket

August 30, 2008

The game of cricket, which has an illustrated history, is played for more than 300 years and with time it has become one of the craziest and hot-selling games in certain parts of Europe and Asia. There has been different form of this game over the years but after the arrival of the limited over game or the ODIs to be precise, this game has certainly got a different height altogether.

There have been the governing bodies of this game like ICC or BCCI; they have always been on the look out for how this game can be more commercially successful. The craze of this game in Asian countries has also gone very high after the arrival of the limited over games of the cricket. And with the craze and huge number of people coming to watch the games in the fields, money and more money has also become a part of this game.

Today a huge number of youths in countries like India, Pakistan etc are showing keenness to learn the game, if glamour is one reason of it, money from the game itself and from the advertisements is another reason for this.

Even a decade ago, people have about choosing cricket as a career which doesn’t has a vast popularity as other worldwide games like soccer or tennis. But today you can undoubtedly say that cricket is not only money-making but it has become one of the richest games of the world thanks to the sponsors, media and advertisements that are coming with the game. You can’t even imagine how reach the governing bodies like ICC or BCCI is.

And of course thanks to the invention of the latest format of cricket, called the T 20 cup, now cricket is like a money making machine in many Asian countries. So if you have skills and age with yourself, try it once guys because you may also end up having some millions in your bank-account.

But one question looms in everyone’s mind, is the player commitment and values in the Cricket has gone down due to the excessive flow of money in the game?
And the answer for me is absolutely no?

What’s your stake on this?

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Indian Thrashed by Lankans

In the last match of the current India- Srilanka Cricket match Series, Sri Lanka thrashed India by 112 runs to make a come back after loosing the series to India in the 4th One day match itself.

In the last match again, the India Batsman were flop and they were looking helpless in front of Mendis.

If we scan the entire tour, our batsman did not performed the way they should be doing.It was only the bowler who helped India to win a cricket series in srilanka after a long time.

Dhoni was declared the Man of the series,and why not he deserve this. I think Dhoni is getting matured day by day in his current role and he is taking his responsibilities very well.

Again i would like to say that, this team combination is the best we can have for our futuristic team who will win the cricket world cup for us in 2011 and many T 20 cricket world cup as our young team has done in the past.

Cheer for the young guns.

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August 29, 2008

Young guns won the cricket series.

Yes the young guns of Indian Cricket has created the magic again, earlier it was in T20 cricket world cup, now this time in Sri Lanka.

India has won the series with some ups and downs. Although one match of the current series is left which is being played today. But the result of this match is not going to have any affect on the final outcome.

The best part about this win is that, every one has contributed equally, it is not like one man show which used to be in earlier Indian cricket team during the reign of the great sachin Tendulkar, Saurabh ganguly and Rahul Dravid.

Looking at the team composition, it looks a very balanced side, and i think there is no space to accommodate any one. And for betterment of Indian Cricket i think old players should call it off, as they should understand that, now the Indian Cricket does not need their services.

we do accept that they have given loads to the Indian cricket, that no body else can give, but every bright star diminish one day and give space to the new stars. In the same way, today's cricket has become fast especially the new T 20 cricket format, so they old guns of Indian cricket can't sustain in that type of cricket.

Lastly every one should cheer for Indian and its young fleet of commandants who are ready to take on any one in the cricketing world.


Pakistan Cricket is in Trouble

August 28, 2008

The all time great cricketing legend Imran Khan has said that currently the Pakistan Cricket is run by a wrong set of people who are destroying the charm of this game in this country.

He has said it regarding the ongoing problem that has aroused about the canceling the Champions Trophy Venue from Pakistan. Khan said that if this continues to go on then there will be further trouble in future for the Pakistan cricket.

The ICC (International Cricket Council) was almost forced to put off the upcoming Champions Trophy in Pakistan after nations like England, Australia and New Zealand pulled their names out of the tournament due to security purpose.

Though the ICC has announced that Pakistan holds the right to host this tournament in October next year but that is unlikely to happen after the ongoing political trauma in Pakistan.

Khan has also included that if the current government stays in the hot seat then the situations are unlikely to improve next year. Khan says that he is not happy with the way this country is fighting against a social curse like terrorism, he believes that it can be fought be fought in a different way.

Cricket tickets now on sale

The tickets for the cricket series between Australia, New Zealand and of the ODI tournament can now be purchased from the respective authorities.

The 3 test match cricket series between Australia and New Zealand will start on the 20th November at the Gabba and then it will be followed with an ODI series featuring nations like; Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.

Brisbane will also be hosting one out of three T20 matches between Australia and South Africa. After the huge success of the last season’s T20 cup, the Australian Cricket Board is also encouraging the cricket fans to come to the ground n a large number.

Not only the ODIs but last season’s all tests between India and Australia were also packed by crowd. And no wonder the T20 games were sold out the time the tickets were published. So its better for you to collect your ticket as early as possible because you may not be able to find your preferable tickets if you get late.

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Australia-India will play test match cricket in Bangalore

BCCI official today has announced that the very crucial and much talked-about test series between India and Australia will start in time; that means the first test between these two teams will start at Bangalore from the next month as par the schedule.

The BCCI secretary Niranjan Shah has told the press that here is no scope to reschedule this series and the tests will be played in Bangalore, Mohall, New Delhi and Nagpur.

After the last month’s bomb blast in Bangalore, this seems to be a challenge for the BCCI. Already the Champions Trophy in Pakistan is being called off, now its time to see how well the BCCI manages the security forces in techno-hub of India. The test in Bangalore is schedule from 9 to 13 October.

In that last month’s blast, almost 14 people were injured and 1 was killed, so from all perspective this starter of the test series is definitely going to be a highly tensed match. Not only the test match, but already a $US 400,000 ATP tournament has been called off due to security condition in Bangalore.

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Great news for Cricket Lover in India

Great news for all cricket crazy fans in India, were not able to see the current India Srilanka one day series due to not having ten sports connection.

Now the nationwide broadcaster of India, Doordarshan has been permitted by Delhi High Court to book adds the last 2 ODI cricket matches between Sri Lanka and India. Now DD would be able to share revenue that would be generated from these ODI cricket matches.

The proportion of this revenue would be 75:25 with Ten Sports, official broadcaster of India-Sri Lanka series. So by the end of the day Ten Sports will receive a 3/4th share of the total revenue. Earlier today, ten sports agreed to share the broadcasting right with DD for the remaining Cricket matches of this on-going series.

The bench had finally announced that the y were happy to see that the private channel had agreed to share rights to Doordarshan that will give a large number of Indian audience to see the live ODIs between India and Sri Lanka.

Bradman would be disappointed today

According to many cricket legends, the modern day form of cricket wouldn’t have impressed Bradman to a great extent. On the eve of the 100 year celebration of the cricketing legend, Sir Don Bradman, another legend Sam Loxton has said that the environment of the cricket and cricketing field has also changed in the recent years.

In reference to this issue, the former cricketer said that the spirit of the game in their time was far better and the ugly thing on the field called sledging was far less than what we see today. He also said that if all time great Sir Bradman could see what is happening in today’s field, then he would have extremely disappointed. And Bradman wouldn’t have liked the new T 20 cricket, which is turned into the most popular form of Cricket.

Loxton also commented that he is unsure of the fact that if Ricky Ponting, the present captain of the Australian Cricket team, is the best man to deliver the Bradman oration as the chief guest of the occasion. Though Bradman was quite known for his aloofness but Loxton he was very familiar with the legend.

England's deadliest weapon

August 27, 2008

One of the remarkable achievements in the recent years by the England cricket team is undoubtedly the Ashes win in 2005. The English opening batsman, Marcus Treschothik, has said that Murray Mints was actually the secret behind their winning that particular series.

The English bowlers used sugary spit by sucking on to the sweets in order to wet the surface of the ball. Preschool, in his autobiography, has confessed that this was the reason behind such kind of swing-bowling in that particular series. And no wonder that the Australian media have already started saying that England had cheated in that series.

But this is not new to the art of cricket and it has been going on for ages. No one can forget the usage of brylcream for more swing in the 1920s or the tricks of the sultan of swing bowling, the legendary Wasim Akram in 1990s.

You need strategy to win and these things have been happening for long. The devastating bodyline Series was also part of cricketing strategies to stop Sir Donald Bradman in 1930s. But all the reports in Sunday newspaper are not true anyway.

New Cricket stadium for Chennai

According to the reports of PTI, the worldwide news agency, Chennai is all set to create their new cricket stadium for the 2011 World Cup.

The Secretary of the TNCA (Tamil Nadu Cricket Association), Mr. Kasi Viswanathan has said that the new stadium will be located at Karunkuzhipallam, 26 km from the main city.

Worth Rs. 100 crore, this new stadium will have a capacity of about 60,000 audiences. BCCI is also quite happy to see this project getting finalized and along with the World Cup this stadium can also become one of the hottest venues for the new T 20 trend of International Cricket.

The secretary of the TNCA has also added that at first they would take the possession of the ground and then there will be an agreement between the TNC and government regarding every other detail in a short time.

It is also said that the Chepauk Ground or the M A Chidambaram stadium will also be used as a venue of different types of cricket matches.

Rain can Save India from loosing the series

Yes, it is true. Rain can rescue India from loosing the current one day international cricket series with Sri Lanka.

If rain is graceful to Indians, then in the worst case scenario, they can only get the series draw if they perform badly.

Currently they are standing at 2-1 in the series of five one day international matches.
Due to heavy rain on the Tuesday the match was called off by the umpires and they decided to have the match on the reserve day.

It will be interesting to see how the rain act today.

Gayle warns of Sri Lanka strength

August 26, 2008

Gayle warns of Sri Lanka strength

Chris Gayle, the West Indies captain, has warned his team-mates to be on their guard against Sri Lanka

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Plan for IPL Champions League put off

Probably the most gorgeous and most talked-about event of cricket called the IPL T 20 cricket championship has been cancelled due to some legal problems. The opening league that was to feature 20 top domestic teams from India, Australia, England and South Africa was scheduled from 30th Sept – 8th Oct is now under water.

Lalit Modi, the person behind successful organizing the IPL T 20 cricket tournament, has claimed that the tournament will not be abounded rather it would be rescheduled. Though Modi has not told in details but media assumes the main reason behind this delay is the disagreement between the participating nations regarding some sort of financial terms.

The mega event of $US 10 million was supposed to take place between the final of the Champions Trophy and the Oct 9 starter India-Australia test series.

On the other the England Cricket board has said that they can’t oppose their players from playing the ICL, opposed by BCCI, as it is illegal.

Asif fails in drugs test conducted by IPL

The IPL (Indian Premier League) of late has confessed that Pakistani Cricketer Mohammad Asif has been convicted guilty as per the report conducted by IDTM, the independent laboratory in Sweden that conducts drug tests.

The IPL committee has also confirmed that a report has already been sent to the franchise of the player called Delhi Daredevils as well as to the Pakistan Cricket Board. The organizing committee has also announced that the 3 member IPL Drugs Tribunal committee will have Sunil Gavaskar along with a lawyer and a doctor. If Asif is found to be guilty, then severe action will be taken against him.

Some months ago, Asif was detained at the Dubai International Airport for carrying contraband drugs just after playing the IPL, famous T 20 cricket tournament in India. Thus this issue has become more critical now and the PCB has also constituted a 3-men committee to investigate the case of the Pak bowler.

History of T 20 Cricket

T20 cricket is the new structure of the cricket, which was initially introduced in United Kingdom for inter- county professional competition by Wales and England Cricket board in the year 2003. Both the teams have single innings and bat for maximum of 20 overs.

The twenty20 cricket game is completed in approximately two and the half hour with the every innings that lasts near around in 75 minutes, therefore bringing sport closer to span of time of the other famous team games such as football or hockey. This game was introduced for creating the lively structure of sport that would be very pretty to the spectators at ground and viewers on TV and also it is very successful.

The sport is spread around the cricketing fraternity around the world. Inaugural world cup, an international level event for T 20 cricket was played in the year 2007 in South Africa and India was the first T 20 cricket world champions.

History of T 20 cricket

While idea of the short format of sport was discussed in the year 1998 and year 2001, but 20-20 cricket was not officially introduced till year 2003 when ECB launched twenty20 cricket cup in the attempt to restrain the declining attendances to the matches of the County Cricket. First authorized Twenty20 cricket matches were played in the year 2003 on 13th June between the varieties of the English counties. Initial season of the Twenty-20 cricket in the country England was the considerable success with Surrey Lions defeating Warwick shire Bears with the 9 wickets remaining in the hands in final to take cup of the Twenty20 cricket.

In the year 2008, on 1st February the Twenty20 cricket match among Australia and India in the Cricket Ground of Melbourne was sold on the sales of the pre- tickets and 84,041 citizens attended cricket match involving Twenty20 cricket champions of the World against one day international World Champions.

The International Cricket Council appoints the worldwide referees and the umpires, which is sponsored by the Emirates Airline, which officiates at entire sanctioned 5 day matches, Twenty20 cricket matches and ODIs. The International Cricket Council operates the three panels of the Umpires: significantly Affiliates and the Associates Panel, Elite Panel and International Panel. International Cricket Council is worldwide governing body of the cricket. International Cricket Council was founded as Imperial Cricket Conference in the year 1909 with the representatives from the Australia, South Africa and England renaming it in the year 1965 as the International Cricket Conference and taking up its recent name in the year 1989.

Indian Premier League is recently the most popular and the largest 20-20 cricket league in the entire World. The Indian Premier league is also called as the DLF Indian premier League and also is abbreviated as IPL. It is the Twenty20 competition of the cricket which is formed by Board of the Control for the Cricket in India. Indian premier league first session commenced on the April 18, 2008 and concluded on June 1st 2008 with Rajasthan Royals defeating the Chennai Super kings in final at DY Patil stadium in Navi Mumbai.

Internationally, T 20 cricket is played since year 2005. Till date sixteen countries have played the T 20 cricket. The 16 countries are:
• Australia
• West Indies
• Bangladesh
• India
• Kenya
• Netherlands
• England
• Pakistan
• Sri Lanka
• New Zealand
• Canada
• Bermuda
• South Africa
• Zimbabwe
• Scotland’s
• Ireland

IPL franchise Kolkatta Knight Riders in Brisbane

The King Khan is taking his Knight Riders to Brisbane for two week long training session starting from September 20th 2008.

The Knight riders will have 16 players but all the International players like Ponting , Shoaib Akhtar, Chris Gayle, McCullum will be missing from the squad. Ishant sharma will also be missing in this camp as he will be busy in Champions Trophy.

The IPL (Indian Premier League) franchise will play a T20 cricket series with the Queensland Academy and Queensland Bulls.

This practice camp was already planned and is not something which has came suddenly for the Knight Riders; this was confirmed by Graham Dixon, CEO of the Queensland cricket.

All these initiative are being taken by the Kolkatta Knight Riders to improve their performance in the next IPL Twenty 20 championship scheduled for next year.

But after this practice camp, most of the Indians players, will go and practice in the first class cricket for making a spot in the Indian national team.

It is interesting that charismatic owner of the Knight Riders is not taking any chance, and he is making sure that his team is going to be the champions in the Indian Premier League for 2009.

Captains blame Crowd for his team poor performance.

August 25, 2008

Indian cricket team captain Mahendra singh Dhoni has blamed the crowd for the poor performance of his players during the third one day international..

Dhoni said, “Since Sri Lanka had a colorful crowd it becomes difficult to spot the ball in the night especially after it (ball) becomes a bit dirty”. India won that game by 33 runs thus taking a 2-1 lead in the series. Dhoni took the India to a good victory by leading from the front, he scored 76 runs.

But I think only Dhoni’s boys were distracted by the colorful crowd and the Sri Lankan who were brilliant is the field as usual have become habitual of the colorful crowd.

It thinks it will be good for Indian Cricket team if they practice hard in the field, so that they can reach near to the Fielding standards of the other countries.

So Mr Dhoni, just take your boys in the field and work hard with them instead of commenting on the crowd, if you will drain sweat in the heat, then your boys will automatically have a shield against the distraction caused by the colorful crowd.

ICC has postponed the Champions Trophy

It was tough call for ICC to postpone the Champions Trophy, but they did not have many options with them.

With the pulling of South Africa, and fear of joining the protest by Aussies, New Zealand and England, ICC has postponed the Champions trophy scheduled in September in Pakistan to October, the venue is still the same. The venue is the major issues, as some of the leading teams do not want to tour Pakistan due to some security issues.

David Morgan, the ICC president expressed his support to the Pakistan Cricket Board in this grim time.

The main reason for the concern of these four visiting countries is that, since last few months, the Pakistan is fighting heavily with Al Qaeda and Taliban on its northwestern region dominated by tribal people. There are more than 1000 death till now due to the fighting.

The main reason for the postponement of the event was due to lack of any concrete decision regarding the venue of the game. So to get some extra lead time, ICC finally called for the postponement of the Champions Trophy

It was a very tough call for the ICC as it has great divide within itself on the issue of the venue for the Champions trophy and it is on verge on split.

The PCB has advocated that it has successfully organized Asia cup few months back and this withdrawal will cause millions of dollars loss to it, which right at this moment PCB can’t afford.

The coming few days will be very crucial for every one, as ICC will be under immense pressure form some of the powerful Asian countries for not changing the venue where has it has to deal with opposing countries.

Aussies in T20

Player Mat Runs HS Ave SR 100 50
A Symonds 13 337 85* 56.16 170.2 0 2
RT Ponting 11 315 98* 39.37 138.15 0 2
ML Hayden 9 308 73* 51.33 143.92 0 4
AC Gilchrist 13 272 48 22.66 141.66 0 0
MJ Clarke 14 147 37* 21 126.72 0 0
MEK Hussey 13 137 37 22.83 129.24 0 0
DR Martyn 4 120 96 30 162.16 0 1
BJ Hodge 8 94 36 31.33 122.07 0 0
B Lee 13 75 43* 25 138.88 0 0
SM Katich 3 69 39 34.5 146.8 0 0
CL White 2 50 40* - 192.3 0 0
GB Hogg 2 41 41 41 164 0 0
L Ronchi 1 36 36 36 163.63 0 0
SE Marsh 1 29 29 29 131.81 0 0
AC Voges 2 26 26 26 130 0 0
JN Gillespie 1 24 24 24 133.33 0 0
SR Watson 3 21 17* 21 100 0 0
JR Hopes 4 17 17 17 85 0 0
BJ Haddin 4 16 6 16 66.66 0 0