No respite to England’s Cricketing Woes

November 27, 2008

What must have gone wrong with the decision-making ability of the English cricket team prior to the start of England’s tour of India. From the beginning of their first game in Indore till the most recent match played in Bangalore, it looks like as if bad luck doesn’t want to leave the English team.

England Cricket team have committed a comedy of errors in nearly all 4 matches they have played so far. First of all they went through the similar modus operandi when dealing with the South African players in their previous series against South Africa. It was absolute idiocy on their part.

In today’s age where every infinitesimal cricketing aspect is being fed in the laptops of the England’s management, it was understood that the touring team would have learnt from their past mistakes. Secondly, the frequently juggled that winning combination which was used to post thumping victories against South Africa.

In the fourth one-day match played in Bangalore, England was trounced by sixteen runs in the rain infested ODI by India. For the touring team it was a life saver that had to be won at any cost. But at this point of time, England created their third blunder by holding back their big hitting batsmen. The fourth error was committed when they didn’t not have proper full-time spinner which was pre-requisite for ensuring comfortable win on Indian pitches. Kevin Pietersen couldn’t learn from the mistakes committed by Aussie skipper Ricky Ponting who chose to play by not including any full-time spinner.

One more factor which was ignored by the team management of England was that their best and most dependable players must have promoted to open the innings so that they could have laid a solid foundation for the players to come.

With three more matches to be played in the current ODI series, England must at least play their heart out to minimise the chances of getting no result in their favour.

Sun sets on Dada’s Cricketing era

November 25, 2008

One of the greatest captains of the Indian cricket team Saurav Ganguly retired from the active cricket signaling an end to one of the glorious chapters in the annals of the Indian cricket.

Surely, all the fans and his team-mates too are going to miss the fiery spirited Ganguly who had won the heart of billions of fan all over the world by his lofty sixes. Everyone from the selectors, media and fans were left shell shocked by his decision to call it quits.

Sourav Ganguly as a cricketer was known as someone who completely dominated the off-side on the cricket field. He was someone who played according to his own rules and never hesitated to break many of them.

Dada as he’s fondly called by his team-mates is in a way responsible for the emergence of an aggressive Indian cricket team who never shied away to give back to the opposing team in their own fashion. He is also considered responsible for fashioning out great cricketers out of Yuvraj Singh, Virender Sehwag and Zaheer Khan. He supported talented players even at his own expense.

As a player, ganguly had an average of more than forty in both forms of the game. In T20 cricket he was the captain of the Kolkata Knight Riders in the IPL. K. Srikanth previously had indirectly hinted at Saurav’s retirement after rumour mills starting to churn out news regarding supposed agreement among Board of Cricket Control in India & some senior members of the team.

If sources are to be believed, Ganguly made up his mind to retire following the selectors chose to ignore him for the Irani trophy. According to Sachin tendulkar, he’s surely going to miss speaking Bengali in the dressing room.

Now, it remains to be seen what the future holds for our beloved Maharaja. Whether or not he stays connected to the cricket or shies away from it.

India clinches the series against England in the rain infested match

The rejuvenated Indian Cricket team won the rain infested match against England to clinch the One-day International Series in Bangaluru.

The match provided its own dramatic movement nothing short of tele serial with rain interrupting the proceedings of the match two times. The Indian tigers are now 4-0 up in seven match One-Day International series.

Prior to the application of D/L method, India was batting comfortably on 106 with the fall of one wicket in 17 overs. 50 overs match was tailored to a T-20 match clearly placing India at an disadvantage but the T20 Champions tuned the tide in their favor.

The Nawab of Najafgarh began the run fiesta by hitting some crispy hits much to the delight of the waiting crowd. After Viru was caught by James Anderson on the bowling of Graeme Swann but the England’s ordeal didn’t end there as the their bowling was dominated by the big hitters of the Indian Cricket team.

Since the English tea began their cricket tour of India, their seems no end to their cricketing woes. Since the time they played their first match in the current series, it seems that they have developed the habit of taking wrong decision and when they take the right ones, Indian players dominate them.

This was a do or die game for the English team as they were already trailing by three matches but still they were not able to turn D/L method in their favor.

The credit for India’s victory must also be given to the bowlers as they made gutsy attempts while overcoming their inability to clench the ball because of the moisture on it.

The way England played in such conditions, the impression was being given that they are a bit puzzled by the ground reality. As a result, some of their big hitting players, such as, flintoff and Pietersen were sent down the order in order to preserve wickets. Even after the brilliant and threatening partnership of Flintoff and Shah, the curtains were pulled down by the Indian players in such a crunch game for the English team