Fiery Symmo lends an apology

December 5, 2008

Australian all-rounder Andrew Symonds has expressed profound regret over his erratic behaviour and has promised to make sure that he never puts the reputation of his team in jeopardy.

Symonds apology had been accepted after he was discharged by the team constituted by Cricket Australia to probe into the incidence which involved the Aussie in a fight at a bar but as a preventive measure he was also given one last word of warning. The controversial cricketer also met CEO of cricket Australia; Mr. James Sutherland and Captain Ricky Ponting.

On the other hand, according to the reports in the Daily Telegraph, Andrew Symonds has turn down the advice of the physiotherapy team to give up his drinking habits which can be the main reason of the crisis that seems to have surrounded him.

BCCI in favour of different principal contracts

December 1, 2008

The Board of Cricket Control in India is seriously considering on having two separate kind of principal contracts for the Indian cricketers. In the previous year, the board declared that a player of A grade category would be paid a fee of fifty lakh rupees. Players belonging to B grade would be paid around thirty five lakh of rupees whereas the players of C grade category would be getting 20 Lakh rupees.

VVS Laxman along with spinner Harbhajan Singh, Baroda pacer Irfan Pathan and stroke player Virender Sehwag were relegated to grade B whereas on the other hand cricketers Yuvraj Singh and Captain MS Dhoni were placed in the grade A category.

The players who are selected to play in team India would involuntarily be placed in D grade category for the principal contracts. These players will be earning a consolidated sum of fifteen lakh rupees.

As per the new policy, it is considered that BCCI would organize players into two separate groups. The first group will be the primary Indian players whereas the second group would consist of next generation cricketers. There’s also a possibility that players, such as, Sreeshanth, Agarkar, Joginder Sharma, Manoj Tiwari and Akash Chopra might not get the contracts for this season. In their place, Rudra Pratap Singh, Rohit and Ishant Sharma, Suresh Raina, Munaf Patel, Yusuf Pathan and Irfan Pathan are expected to make the cut this time.

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No respite to England’s Cricketing Woes

November 27, 2008

What must have gone wrong with the decision-making ability of the English cricket team prior to the start of England’s tour of India. From the beginning of their first game in Indore till the most recent match played in Bangalore, it looks like as if bad luck doesn’t want to leave the English team.

England Cricket team have committed a comedy of errors in nearly all 4 matches they have played so far. First of all they went through the similar modus operandi when dealing with the South African players in their previous series against South Africa. It was absolute idiocy on their part.

In today’s age where every infinitesimal cricketing aspect is being fed in the laptops of the England’s management, it was understood that the touring team would have learnt from their past mistakes. Secondly, the frequently juggled that winning combination which was used to post thumping victories against South Africa.

In the fourth one-day match played in Bangalore, England was trounced by sixteen runs in the rain infested ODI by India. For the touring team it was a life saver that had to be won at any cost. But at this point of time, England created their third blunder by holding back their big hitting batsmen. The fourth error was committed when they didn’t not have proper full-time spinner which was pre-requisite for ensuring comfortable win on Indian pitches. Kevin Pietersen couldn’t learn from the mistakes committed by Aussie skipper Ricky Ponting who chose to play by not including any full-time spinner.

One more factor which was ignored by the team management of England was that their best and most dependable players must have promoted to open the innings so that they could have laid a solid foundation for the players to come.

With three more matches to be played in the current ODI series, England must at least play their heart out to minimise the chances of getting no result in their favour.

Sun sets on Dada’s Cricketing era

November 25, 2008

One of the greatest captains of the Indian cricket team Saurav Ganguly retired from the active cricket signaling an end to one of the glorious chapters in the annals of the Indian cricket.

Surely, all the fans and his team-mates too are going to miss the fiery spirited Ganguly who had won the heart of billions of fan all over the world by his lofty sixes. Everyone from the selectors, media and fans were left shell shocked by his decision to call it quits.

Sourav Ganguly as a cricketer was known as someone who completely dominated the off-side on the cricket field. He was someone who played according to his own rules and never hesitated to break many of them.

Dada as he’s fondly called by his team-mates is in a way responsible for the emergence of an aggressive Indian cricket team who never shied away to give back to the opposing team in their own fashion. He is also considered responsible for fashioning out great cricketers out of Yuvraj Singh, Virender Sehwag and Zaheer Khan. He supported talented players even at his own expense.

As a player, ganguly had an average of more than forty in both forms of the game. In T20 cricket he was the captain of the Kolkata Knight Riders in the IPL. K. Srikanth previously had indirectly hinted at Saurav’s retirement after rumour mills starting to churn out news regarding supposed agreement among Board of Cricket Control in India & some senior members of the team.

If sources are to be believed, Ganguly made up his mind to retire following the selectors chose to ignore him for the Irani trophy. According to Sachin tendulkar, he’s surely going to miss speaking Bengali in the dressing room.

Now, it remains to be seen what the future holds for our beloved Maharaja. Whether or not he stays connected to the cricket or shies away from it.

India clinches the series against England in the rain infested match

The rejuvenated Indian Cricket team won the rain infested match against England to clinch the One-day International Series in Bangaluru.

The match provided its own dramatic movement nothing short of tele serial with rain interrupting the proceedings of the match two times. The Indian tigers are now 4-0 up in seven match One-Day International series.

Prior to the application of D/L method, India was batting comfortably on 106 with the fall of one wicket in 17 overs. 50 overs match was tailored to a T-20 match clearly placing India at an disadvantage but the T20 Champions tuned the tide in their favor.

The Nawab of Najafgarh began the run fiesta by hitting some crispy hits much to the delight of the waiting crowd. After Viru was caught by James Anderson on the bowling of Graeme Swann but the England’s ordeal didn’t end there as the their bowling was dominated by the big hitters of the Indian Cricket team.

Since the English tea began their cricket tour of India, their seems no end to their cricketing woes. Since the time they played their first match in the current series, it seems that they have developed the habit of taking wrong decision and when they take the right ones, Indian players dominate them.

This was a do or die game for the English team as they were already trailing by three matches but still they were not able to turn D/L method in their favor.

The credit for India’s victory must also be given to the bowlers as they made gutsy attempts while overcoming their inability to clench the ball because of the moisture on it.

The way England played in such conditions, the impression was being given that they are a bit puzzled by the ground reality. As a result, some of their big hitting players, such as, flintoff and Pietersen were sent down the order in order to preserve wickets. Even after the brilliant and threatening partnership of Flintoff and Shah, the curtains were pulled down by the Indian players in such a crunch game for the English team

Master blaster Tendulkar back in the team

November 21, 2008

Cricketing genius Sachin Tendulkar marked his return to the Indian Cricket team on Thursday when the inclusion was announced by the selectors for the next two ODI matches of the present India-England series. Tendulkar supposedly was on break of 8 months and played his last match against the team of Australia in March this year. He along with supremely talented bowler Irfan Pathan makes a comeback in the team.

However, another bowler Rudra Pratap Singh lost his place in the team after failing to take advantage of the opportunity given to him in the first three matches. How ironical it can get that Vijay Murali did not have a single match to prove his mettle.

Vijay Murali is an opening batsman from Tamil Nadu debuted in test match against Australia in Nagpur.

It will be Sachin’s first match since there was a spree of retirement among the senior cricketers of the Indian cricket team. Everyone must be hoping to get a glimpse of the batting bonzer that all of us have witnessed in the past. The entire prerogative will rest on sachin to silence his critics who keep on speculating about his future in cricket.

Irfan Pathan has been suitably been recalled in the team after he performed remarkably in the domestic cricket this season. Irfan was last seen in a one day international match against Sri Lanka in the month of August.

The national selection committee was supposed to choose the team for the remaining four matches for the current series being played. Interestingly enough on the brighter side if India manages to clinch the series in the next match at Bangalore the there are possibilities that some players gets rest and opportunities might be given to youngsters to showcase their talent.

Kumbles’ Retirement has lot of optimism

November 19, 2008

Anil Kumbles’ decision to retire from the international test cricket has invited varied reactions from different quarters. If we see it from the positive side, the retirement of veteran leg-spinner has given a magical opportunity to the upcoming spinners in queue to showcase their talent and win laurels for the Indian Cricket team.

The departure of kumble from the international cricket has given more responsibility on the shoulders of Harbhajan Singh to preserve and carry on the famous spin bowling attack of the Indian team.

But Singh was also clear in mind that Anil Bhai (his nickname to anil kumble) sequestration after the Kotla test will in no way prove to be a distraction in India’s way of sealing a series victory against the resurgent Australian team in the Final test to be played at Nagpur.

Anil Kumbles’ decision to call it quits has evoked a lot of positivism in it as it will allow other spinners to prove their bowling mettle on the field. Kumble has built a legacy or fashion of sought which the other upcoming spinners can look to follow. Not only in his entire cricketing career spanning over 18 years, jumbo as he’s fondly called, has left a lot of optimism for the young lot of the Indian cricket team.

The long career of Anil Kumble has shown that regardless of discouragement and air of pessimism surrounding you as a player how through your dedication and determination the fate of a match can be turned in your favor. Apart from his personal traits, Kumble also enjoyed a good rapport within the team and was always considered a good motivator and an excellent leader.

The long career of Anil Kumble has shown that regardless of discouragement and air of pessimism surrounding you as a player how through your dedication and determination the fate of a match can be turned in your favor.

However, it is advisable in the near future for the Indian cricket team not to get distract from the looming landmarks in addition to further departures of the senior players in the future for the good health of the team.

Kumbles’ retirement: A great loss for Indian Cricket

November 15, 2008

The sudden announcement of retirement from international test cricket by Anil Kumble bombarded everyone from fellow players, board officials, media personnel to general public with a sense of disbelief.

In the opinion of off-spinner Harbhajan Singh, Kumble decision to retire will impact in long term to the Indian team. Bhajji who has declared himself fit to play in the final test of the India-Australia series was taken by surprise by Jumbos’ call. Bhajji said that he is indubitably going to miss Anil Kumble at the other end of the bowling line.

But Singh was also clear in your mind that Anil Bhai (his nickname to anil kumble) sequestration after the Kotla test will in no way prove to be a distraction in India’s way of sealing a series victory against the resurgent Australian team in the Final test to be played at Nagpur.

Anil Kumbles’ decision to call it quits has lot of positivity in it as it will allow other spinners to prove their bowling mettle on the field. Kumble has built a legacy or fashion of sought which the other upcoming spinners can look to follow. Not only in his entire cricketing career spanning over 18 years, jumbo as he’s fondly called, has left a lot of optimism for the young lot of the Indian cricket team.

Unless and until, a whole new brood of good quality off-sinners don’t develop, it is quite possible that the spin attack of the Indian cricket team will look frail for a moment. At present, we have only Harbhajan Singh spearheading the spin attack apart from Amit Mishra. The board must also vigorously look for other alternatives in case of any injuries otherwise it might disastrously affect the team’s performance.

Nevertheless, it is advisable in the near future for the Indian cricket team not to get distract from the looming landmarks in addition to further departures of the senior players in the future for the good health of the team.

Jumbo announces retirement from Test Cricket

November 14, 2008

The veteran Indian cricketer Anil Kumble announced his decision to retire from the international test cricket on the eve of final day of the third test being played at Feroz Shah Kotla Ground in Delhi against Australia. Immediately after the pronouncement of his retirement decision, Mahendra Singh Dhoni was chosen as the captain to lead the test team of India.

After end of the Delhi test match, the veteran leggie’ career graph in test cricket rose to 619 wickets in 132 matches, thereby positioning him third on the list of most successful bowler in test cricket behind Muralitharan of Sri Lanka & Warne of Australia.

Speaking to media persons after the match, Kumble opined that he followed a practical approach while taking a call for retirement. In the presentation ceremony, the 38 yrs old veteran bowler also said that hand injury that he suffered during the course of the match pushed forward his decision to retire even before the conclusion of the current test series between India and Australia.

If we take a look at the career graph of Anil Kumble, the legendary cricketer has appeared in 132 test matches taking a total of 619 wickets including his magical exploits of 10 wickets at Kotla against Pakistan. In ODI career, he played 271 matches in which he took 337 wickets. In his 18 years, he also became the first spinner to score a century and that too incidentally against Australia.

Kumbles’ decision to retire utterly shocked the BCCI. Later on, kumble cleared the air regarding the pressure from the BCCI to opt for retirement, thereby putting curtains down on his distinguished cricketing career. The retirement announcement of Kumble took even media present in the stadium by surprise.

Jumbo as he fondly known as in Public and in team, Anil Kumble was given a appropriate greeting from his team-mates when he was lifted for a joyride on brawny shoulders of future captain MS Dhoni.

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Indian Cricket League don’t ‘gratify to the cricketing rules

November 8, 2008

If we go by the words of commissioner of Indian Premier League Lalit Modi, the rebel cricket league ICL do not confirm to the established rules related to world cricket. According to Mr. Modi, the future prospects of Indian Cricket League getting the official sanction from the ICC as well as BCCI are near to impossible.

Due to the tight schedule of the cricketers and lack of alternative window for adjusting the international calendar, the task of recognizing ICL from its season 2 seems impracticable.

In addition, Lalit Modi is also the vice president of the BCCI apart from being on the group of International Cricket Council especially setup for re-evaluating rules regarding all forms of cricket. He also said that all the tournaments of the same category will be treated in the same way as ICL have been dealt with.

Elaborating further on the future plans related to T20 cricket, Modi said that final two teams from IPL first edition will take part in the inaugural 2020 champions’ league. The best two teams, i.e. the winner Rajasthan Royals captained by Shane Warne & Chennai Super Kings led by M.S Dhoni have confirmed their participation in the league. 20-20 Champions league is going to begin from 3rd of December, 2008 till 10th of December.

Elaborating further on guidelines related to transfer of players for the upcoming season of Indian Premier League will start from the month of April in 2009. The auctions for the season 2 of IPL will start from 6th of February in Mumbai.

The profits and transfer fee can be mutually be negotiated between players and the owner of the franchise team. An additional sum of over two million dollars will be awarded to the interested franchise for the fulfilment of the transfer of players both domestic and international.

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Second Season of Indian Cricket League starts off with a bang

November 7, 2008

Mumbai Champs recorded the first victory in the second season of the Indian Cricket League by defeating Delhi Giants. Cricket 360 sponsored the twenty fourth match of the ICL 2. The two teams were placed in the last two spots in the points tally and both were in the poor form. A victory in the match was dreadfully needed by champs and giants to stay in the hunt.

From the starting itself, Mumbai team was unable to register a single win and were consequentially defeated five times in a row. After winning the toss, the Delhi team chose to field first and looking forward to register their inaugural match in the second season of ICL.

The Mumbai Champs started their batting on an optimistic note and scored runs on a brisk pace. However, they slowed down a bit and achieved a target of 44 runs. In the process, they lost two wickets in the middle of seventh over. The batting of Mumbai champs was put on the fast track by Jhadav and Raza who together put on 116 for the third wicket partnership after the end of fourteenth over. Individual score of both the players was 43 for Raza and 59 for Jhadav respectively.

In the last few over, batsman from Mumbai champs Khirid amassed 60 runs for the team. The bowling attack of Delhi giants was outplayed in this match. The batting of Delhi giants began on a slow note as they were struggling to find suitable openers for the team.

They were able to record a win their previous match because of stupendous bowling of Murtaza. After the end of thirteenth over, Delhi giants’ cricket team was standing at the score of 87 runs for the loss of five wickets. In the end the Delhi team lost the crucial T20 match at the total of 116 with Khirid of the Mumbai champs being adjudged man of the match for his all-round performance.

Inzy criticizes MCC nonsensical opinion on Oval test match

November 6, 2008

Ex-captain of Pakistan Cricket team Inzamam-ul-Haq criticized the ill-conceived view of MCC authorities regarding their doggedness to modify the outcome of the controversial test match between England & Pakistan. Inzy was the pivotal of the entire hullabaloo that was raised at that point of time. Back to 2006, Pakistan became the first side in the annals of the test cricket to surrender a test match to the opposite team. At present, Inzy is the skipper of the Lahore Badshahs which is one of the team in the rebel cricket T20 league.

Inzamam was the captain of the Pakistani team in 2006 Oval test match and plainly declined to lead the team to resume play on second last day of the test match held in Oval because of the allegations levelled against the team of Pakistan for intentionally altering the seam of the bowl. The act led the on-field umpires Hair and Doctrove to give the match to the English team.

As a follow-up to the post-oval incidence, the inquiry panel setup by the International Cricket Council absolved the Pakistani team of all the charges. In early phase of the year, ICC altered the so-called forfeited match to a drawn test match after sustained the unruffled pressure from the Asian boards.

Nonetheless, Marylebone Cricket Club popularly known by its abbreviation and also known as the guardian of the cricketing rules seemed despondent with the pronouncement of the apex body of the world cricket, so it declared ICCs’ decision regarding oval test to be null and void.

The decision of MCC also received a boost when International Cricket Council current president David Morgan supported the club’s’ decision and also expressed his displeasure at the oval test being declared to be a drawn test match.

Ex-cricketers supports ban on Gautam Gambhir

November 4, 2008

Ex-cricketers from both Australia & India have defended the decision of Match Referee Chris Broad to impose a one test match ban on gentle Indian opener. Supporting the decision former greats were of the opinion that gambhir should learn from his prior experience of getting penalized and improvise on his on-field behaviour.

The face-off between Indian opener Gautam gambhir and Australian all-rounder Shane Watson occurred during current test match being played at Feroz Shah Kotla Ground in Delhi. The incident happened so while gambhir was taking a run, Watson deliberately mouthed not-so-good words to the Indian who in turn stuck elbow to the Aussie bowler. Watson was fined ten percent of his total match fee. The spokesperson for Board of Cricket Control in India said that the batsman would make an appeal against the verdict.

According to ex-Australian spinner Colin Miller gambhir’ behaviour was entirely against the spirit of the gentlemen’s’ game and also there was no need for the Indian opener to have physical contact with Shane Watson.

For the information of the readers, temperate Indian batsman was caught up in somewhat similar incident with all-rounder from Pakistan Shahid Afridi at some point in Indo-Pak ODI series. At that time, gautam nearly seventy five percent of fees was deducted.

Renowned cricket journalist Peter Roebuck has the opinion that gambhir act was a bit on purpose; however as soon as a cricketer deliberately have a physical contact he crosses the limit. Even former Indian cricketer Ravi Shastri supports the ban by opining that this is not the first time gambhir has been involved in such an act and therefore must seriously mend his ways on-field.

However, ex- Indian wicketkeeper Saba karim was divided on the nature of the ban as according to him the verdict appeared to be one sided if compared with previous other instances in the world of cricket.

ICC calls for a stress free cricket in Indo-Aussie series

October 9, 2008

The apex Cricket governing body of the world cricket made an appeal to play the upcoming test matches between India and Australia without any tension or unfriendliness. The principal body for the game of cricket wants to make sure that all the bad blood created due to some untoward incidents in Australia last summer must be left behind and cricket must be played in a true gentleman spirit.

The International Cricket Council(ICC) kept its promise by not nominating umpires Mark Benson and Steve bucknor to officiate in the forthcoming test series due to begin from 9th of October. The twosome gave some controversial decisions in the contentious test match played in Sydney and which almost forced the Indian cricket team to pull out of the left over test matches. The match also the ugly head of racial discrimination being raised once again.

Before the start of the test match in Sydney, the two playing teams agreed on a principle that the teams will go by the version of the fielder who has got hold of the catch. However, Ricky Ponting made it clear about the functionality of this principle in the test series to be played.

According to ICC roster, Asad Rauf and Rudi Koertzen from Pakistan & South Africa will be umpiring in the tests to be played at Mohali & Bangalore whereas Aleem Dar & Billy Bowden will officiate in test matches at Nagpur & Delhi. Match referee for the whole test series would be Chris Broad from England.

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Zee promoted ICL planning to patent T20 as its brand

October 6, 2008

Indian Cricket league promoted by Zee Group is now looking to copyright T20 cricket as its trademark for its forthcoming second season. The decision of rival cricket league has not gone down well with the BCCI and International Cricket Council.

Sports division of the ZEE Group known as ‘Essel Sports Private Limited’ has submitted an application for the legal registration of T20 as it’s copyright. The list of application was made open in the month of August by Controller general of Patents, Designs and Trademarks. According to the rules, any sought of opposition to the application has to be made within couple of months

The fastest version of the cricket, that is T20 cricket has assumed such a gargantuan proportion in a cricket crazy country India that at the moment we have two distinct T20 cricket leagues ensnaring each other in the promotion. The best part of this rivalry between Indian Premier League(IPL) and Indian Cricket League(ICL) is that we are getting to see some of the players coming out of their retirements to have a go in the T20 cricket.

However, according to the sources from Board of Cricket Control in India, the governing body of world cricket ICC has already registered T20 Cricket as its trademark but is unsure whether the clause applies to India. We have already witnessed the excitement and drama that comes with the shortest version of cricket but what lies ahead is the war of words over the control of the T20 Cricket as a brand.

IPL credited for finishing hostility

October 3, 2008

Temperature soared high during the India’s recent cricket tour of Australia but if we go by the words of dashing opening batsmen for Australia Mathew Hayden, the T20 cricket series organized by Indian Premier League( IPL) in India has almost nursed back the bitter wounds that created a lot of bitterness between the cricket teams of India and Australia.

Hayden is also of the opinion that such type of enmity hopefully will not come back to haunt the game of cricket.

The summer tour of Indian cricket team last year had nearly ripped apart the spirit of gentleman’s game because of the so-called racial discrimination incident that occurred between star Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh & Australian all-rounder Andrew Symonds.

Hayden himself was involved in one-off incident and provided fuel to the fire by referring the Indian spinner as ‘obnoxious weed’. The hullabaloo that was generated in the series even forced International Cricket Council to intervene in the matter.

After an earthquake in cricket, IPL T20 cricket series gave the much needed relief by providing a platform to cricket players from different countries to share a common dressing room.

It did a great job in normalizing associations between not only two cricket playing nations but also among two people. At present, the Aussie opener is eagerly waiting to play the famed spin bowling of the Indian Cricket team.

However it has been rightly said that T20 form of cricket not only revolutionized the way cricket is played but has also bridged the cracks that shook the foundations of the cricketing world.

New life for Saurav Ganguly

October 1, 2008

The man who took out his cricket shirt on the world famous cricket ground, the lords after winning the series against England, has got a breather from the BCCI selectors.

Dada , who is undisputedly regarded as one of the best one day batsman by several cricket magazine is now facing problem to make into the team. But today it was a great relief for one of the legend in India cricket.

I personally consider him the father of aggressive cricket in India, he pioneered how to play aggressive cricket he has given so much to Indian cricket. And when there is time to repay him we are betraying him.

I think he is victim of strong politics in BCCI and his proximity to former BCCI chief Jagmohan dalmiya other wise no one can question his ability as a player for both one day international and test cricket.

Saurav inclusion in the team was in danger right from the last test cricket series against Sri Lanka and it was confirmed by not giving him place in Irani Trophy. But our dada has never say die attitude which brings him back to the team despite of much effort by the selectors of BCCI to keep away from team.

Keep rocking dada. Not only Bengal but entire India is with you!

Pakistan should learn from Srilanka

September 26, 2008

Legendary Pakistani Cricketer Inzamam-Ul Haq aka Inzy has told PCB (Pakistan cricket Board) to take some lessons from Srilanka Cricket on ICL (Indian Cricket League) issue.

It is interesting that Srilanka Cricket board has lifted the ban from the rebel Cricketer who has joined Zee promoted Unofficial T20 cricket league as called by BCCI.
This is a major setback to BCCI and ICC as this two monopolistic bodies are trying to suppress the ICL.

BCCI fears that if this ICL has been recognized then they will loose their monopoly over the game and they will no longer rule the game.

But the good news is that slowly the cricket boards of different countries are accepting ICL and recognizing it and they are not going the ICC or BCCI way to suppress the competition in the market. They all think that this is a great initiative by Zee to promote the game and will benefit it game in both the short and long term.

Inzy told PCB that its time for Pakistan Cricket Board to decide what they want to do, they should not do those things which are decided by BCCI or ICC. He further advocated that cricket is the livelihood for all the players and joining ICL is not a crime.

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All new Trading season for IPL T20 cricket tournament

September 24, 2008


From 15/12/08 to 15/01/09 there will be transfer season for Indian Premier League. Experts are predicting that many players will be kicked out while many other will be welcomed. Here is the list of most favorite player who could command a multiple times better price then what they were bought in the last year of IPL T20 cricket tournament.

Top Draw for IPL this year

Purchase price: $30,000
IPL T20 Cricket Team: Team Mohali
Expectations: Very little
Performance: Outstanding.
STATS: M: 11, Runs: 616, HS: 115, Avg: 68.44, SR: 139.68, 100:1, 50:5

Purchase price: $725,000
IPL T20 Cricket Team: Delhi Daredevils
Expectations: Pretty high
Performance: Absolutely sizzling
STATS: M: 14, Runs: 534, HS: 86, Avg: 41.07, SR: 140.89, 100:0, 50:5

Purchase price: $975,000
IPL T20 Cricket Team : Mumbai Indians
Expectations: was the team’s most expensive player.
Performance: Mind-boggling
STATS: M: 14, Runs: 514, HS: 114*, Avg: 42.83, SR: 166.34, 100:1, 50:2

Purchase price: $125,000
IPL T20 Cricket Team : Jaipur
Expectations: Modest
Performance: Easily the most valuable player of the tournament
STATS: M: 15, Runs: 472, HS: 76*, Avg: 47.20, SR: 151.764, 100:0, 50:4
W: 17, BB: 3-10, Avg: 22.52, Econ: 7.07

Purchase price: $475,000
IPL T20 Cricket Team : Jaipur
Expectations: Besides captain-coach Shane Warne and Younis khan, he was the only other star in the team.
Performance: Fabulous
STATS: M: 15, Runs: 472, HS: 76*, Avg: 47.20, SR: 151.764, 100:0, 50:4

Purchase price: $100,000
IPL T20 Cricket Team : Jaipur
Expectations: Not very many.
Performance: Simply deadly.
STATS: M: 11, W: 22, BB: 6-14, Avg: 12.09, Econ: 6.46

Purchase price: An icon player, he was paid $1, 035,000
IPL T20 Cricket Team : Royal Challengers, Bangalore
Expectations: Strong and strategic leadership and consistent batting.
Achievements: Batted well, but was disappointing as a captain
Performance: Fabulous
STATS: M: 14, Runs: 371, HS: 75*, Avg: 28.53, SR: 124.49, 100:0, 50:2, 4S-35, 6S-11, Balls Faced-298.


Purchase price: $500,000
IPL T20 Cricket Team : Royal Challengers, Bangalore
Expectations: To bowl his four overs economically and keep a lid on the run rate.
Achievements: Poor
The Road Ahead: Fabulous.
STATS: M: 10, Over: 38.2, Maidens: 0, Runs: 304, Wkts: 7, Best 3/14 Avg: 43.42,ER-7.93, SR: 32.8.

Purchase price: $150,000
IPL T20 Cricket Team : Royal Challengers, Bangalore
Expectations: Not many
Achievements: Not many either.
The Road Ahead: Could be traded off
STATS: M: 6, Runs: 115, HS: 50 Avg: 19.16, SR: 110.57, 100:0, 50:0, 4S-12, 6S-3, Balls Faced-104

Purchase price: $350,000
IPL T20 Cricket Team : Chennai
Expectations: Come up with ideas and strategies to help Dhoni. Bat consistently at the top.
Achievements: Didn’t do either of them and missed the first six games as the Aussies were around..
The Road Ahead: Can be traded
STATS: M: 10, Runs: 196, HS: 45 Avg: 21.77, SR: 118.78, 100:0, 50:0, 4S-27, 6S-3, Balls Faced-165

Purchase price: $375,000
IPL T20 Cricket Team : Hyderabad
Expectations: A cerebral cricketer.
Achievements: Captained Poorly.
The Road Ahead: Laxman is not fit for T 20 cricket and he could be used as a talent spotter or promotional activities.
STATS: M: 6, Runs: 155, HS: 52 Avg: 31.00, SR: 117.42, 100:0, 50:0, 4S-22, 6S-1, Balls Faced-132

Indian Premier League to be worth $7 million

September 23, 2008

The franchises of famous yet controversial T20 cricket league, the IPL are expected to have enough money to play around with and change the very look and composition of their respective teams.

The IPL’s governing council, which surprised many by offering to raise the $5 million-cap on buying players after a meeting on Tuesday, is planning to increase the stakes quite substantially. According to sources, it might go up by as much as two million dollars.

As per initial indications, the IPL is expected to take the buying limit to $7 million for the coming season. “It could be $1.5 million or even $2 million. Basically, we are looking at taking into account the inflation rate of 15% and more,” a senior cricket board official said.

“It will all, however, depend on the franchisees,” he added. Interestingly, all the IPL teams might not be keen on taking the cap up. IPL T20 cricket’s Team Jaipur, Kolkata and Mohali have given enough hints that they don’t want to expenses to go off the roof.

Also, it must be remembered that the IPL teams have signed up most of the players for three years. That the teams have signed up most of the players for three years. That means to buy additional resources they will need to have more money at their disposal.

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ICL kick ICC right in their ground

September 18, 2008

ICL has given a serious Jolt to the Cricket world and mainly the ICC. In a dramatic incident majority of Bangladesh cricket players has joined Indian Cricket League “the unofficial T20 cricket league” as termed by ICC.

This is an irreparable damage to Bangladesh, who is currently going through a bad time. Gone are the golden days for Bangladesh cricket when it was best known as the surprise package for everyone, they have stunned the best teams in the cricketing world.

But this is a great setback to the Bangladesh Cricket at the time when they are struggling to get the test status from quite some time. And it is a even more worst thing for ICC which is having a monopoly in the cricketing world and it is now awarding legal status to the ICL ( Indian Cricket League) promoted by Zee group.

Aftab Ahmed , Dhiman Gosh and Habibul Bashar, the Pilar of Bangladesh cricket are no more with the team and the future of Bangladesh cricket looms in danger.

This might be the just beginning of the divide in the cricketing world and all this is because of some wrong people with wrong attitude. Lastly I would say that what ever happens, at the end of the day we all cricket lovers want the Cricket should blossom and becomes one of the greatest games.

Cricket South Africa is in Trouble

Norman Arendse shocked the cricket world by putting his papers from the president ship of the world number 2 cricket team. The main reason cited by Norman is the differences with Cricket South Africa CEO Gerald Majola.

Meanwhile it is interesting to know that Majola is surprised by Norman move and said that it was unexpected. He said that it is very said for me and for Cricket South Africa that Norman has resigned.

Norman resignation has given a great set back to Cricket south Africa, which is suffering from many of the issues.

Gerals Majola said that now its time to strengthen the Cricket South Africa and efforts from every one is required to make it the number one team in all the form of the cricket.

It will be interesting to watch the how CSA cope up with this shock, as there are numerous international tournament lined up in coming years.

Its enough for Indian Cricket League

September 17, 2008

Its enough for the Indian Cricket League, they are betrayed for a long time from ICC (International Cricket Council) which is treating the recognition application of the ICL in a very tardy manner.

Expert believes that, giving recognition to Zee promoted Indian Cricket League will end the monopoly of the International Cricket Council, which is prompting ICC to delay the recognition process for ICL.

ICL stated that they applied for getting recognition in April but till now no decision has been taken yet by ICC. The fear of ICC can be seen from the fact that they are asking absurd questions from the promoters of ICL, like what is the objective of the league and why this ICL has been started.

But this time ICL is taking tough move against the International Cricket council. ICL has given them 14 days time and if they did not hear anything in that time, then they will drag the international cricket governing body to court.

Mean while it will be interesting to see if ICC gives recognition to the Unofficial ICL then we will see and new series of competition and every thing will be taken in more professional manner.

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Cricket Australia tour is in danger

September 15, 2008

The coming Australia tour of India is in danger, Cricket Australia has as its security experts to analyze the security situation in India, after serial blast shattered the Capital Delhi on Saturday, where one of the test matches of the four test match cricket series are scheduled to play.

Australian Foreign minister said that they will decide on the future of the tour after the security clearance from the intelligence agencies. Meanwhile it is interesting to know that all the cricket team through out the world love to play against India, not because they are the best in the game, but because of the money this game generate in India.

Cricket Australia, already refused to visit Pakistan to participate in Champions Trophy due to security concern, it will be interesting to watch their move in the India tour, as canceling this trip will not be that much easy for anyone because of the huge amount of money involve.

But what I think is that, there is huge difference between India and Pakistan, and India will be hosting the tournament successfully.

The Biggest problem Cricket Australia would be facing is from PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) which has suffered a huge loss of money due to suspension of champion’s trophy.

Another landmark by Cricket

September 12, 2008

One again Cricket has shown to this world that it is new emerging force into the sports world. And this has been proved by the whooping money in the game. In the recent event ESPN Star Sports has shelled out nearly 1billion USD for 10 year commercial rights for International T20 cricket matches conducted by ICC.

Dubai Investment council and Abu Dhabi Sports council were the strong contender in the race for winning the broadcasting rights for champions league , but finally they were beaten by ESPN Star sports.

The champions league is the first one its kind, it is based on the Soccer championship league played in Europe. The new T20 format of the cricket, which last for 3 hours is gaining popularity than the earlier format of the game which last for 5 days.

Indian premier league champions Rajasthan Royals along with Chennai Super king will be participating in the leagues from India as they were winners and runner up respectively. The remaining participating teams will be from South Africa, Australia, England and Pakistan. This tournament will be giving away 6million USD in total prize money.

It will be interesting to see in the coming days as where this prices for broadcasting rights goes as the game is getting popular in most of the parts of the

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Kristen does not wanted Ganguly

September 9, 2008

Dada in thinking mode....what to do now??

According to the insiders, it was Indian cricket team coach Gary Kirsten does not wanted the legendary Indian cricketer Saurav Ganguly into the team for Irani trophy matches.

Current Indian test team skipper Anil Kumble also supported the removal of Saurav in a Indirect manner. He put a condition in front of team management and said that he does not want to drop Rahul and Laxman from the squad, and there is no one in India who has stature to show doors to Sachin.

So the automatic target for every one was the legendary captain Saurav Ganguly, who was not only dropped from the side but also was not even informed by the cricket board BCCI that he has been dropped.

It was the media who informed Saurav Ganguly that he is not included in the team. This is yet another instance of unprofessional show by BCCI.

I hope some day they will learn from other boards, who weighs every players equally no matter how big he is.

Its all over for Bengal Tiger Saurav Gangully

This is the worst time for the Indian cricket, as the man who drove India to a huge 17 test victories as compared to the paltry 14 victories in the entire test history of Indian Cricket before the year 2000.

Its seems that its all over for the legendary cricketer Saurav Ganguly, the selectors has shown him the doors and they have send the message to him that he should take retirement from the cricket.

The man who gave India some most remarkable moments to Indian cricket which we all cricket lovers will cherish for ever.

He is one of the legends of the cricket , just have a look at the statistics of this man.

Test Matches : Batting
M I NO Runs HS Ave SR 100 50 Ct St

109 180 15 6888 239 41.74 51.36 15 34 71 0

One Day Internationals : Batting

M I NO Runs HS Ave SR 100 50 Ct

311 300 23 11363 183 41.02 73.70 22 72 100

One Day Internationals : Bowling

Balls M R W Ave BBI 4wi 5wi SR Econ

4561 30 3849 100 38.49 5-16 1 2 45.61 5.06

He is dropped at the time when all the seniors in the team are not performing well, and the record of Saurav Ganguly is better than the other cricket heavy weights in the team like Sachin and Rahul.

Dada is asking why every time he has to suffer form selectors furry. Ganguly proximity to the Ex president of BCCI Mr Jagmohan Dalmiya can be one of the reason for his betray.

If we look at the Saurav performance in last 19 matches which he played from last year till now, he has scored 1565 runs with 3 centuries and 8 half centuries, where as if we see the record of sachin in the same period, he has played 16 matches and has scored 1287 runs with 4 centuries and 8 half centuries on the other hand Rahul Dravid played 19 test matches and scored 2 centuries and 6 half centuries.

These stats are more than sufficient for any one to challenge the BCCI selectors decision to drop Ganguly from the Indian Cricket team for Irani Trophy.

Symonds will be paid

September 8, 2008

Despite of his expulsion from the team due to missing important team meeting and practice session, Cricket Australia has decided that he will be paid, despite not being the member of current team.

But that's not going to end all the trouble for Star all rounder Andrew Symonds, as the Chief executive of Cricket Australia James Sutherland said that he is not sure about Symonds future and can't confirm that he will ever play for Cricket Australia or not.

Chief executive said that he loves the Ace all rounder Andrew Symonds game but there is no dearth of talents in Australia, so Symonds future looms uncertain.

Mean while Symonds has also indicated that is does not have strong desire to play for Cricket Australia, as he has ample of cricketing opportunity from other parts of the world. The deccan charger one of the IPL teams is desperately waiting for full time services of Andrew Symonds next season as the ace all rounder left the team in the middle of the tournament last time.

Cricketer Shoaib Akhtar gets takers

September 4, 2008

The ace Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar is now being targeted by the English county side Surry who are presently fighting the relegation from the premier 1st division of the County Championship.

Surrey is possibly look set to get dropped as they are placed at the bottom of the table by only 18 points in hand with 3 matches to play. And now in this crunch situation, the cricket manager of Surrey, Alan Butcher, is planning to include Shoaib for the upcoming matches. Especially against Kent, Butcher wants Shoaib.

Butcher claimed that he had already talked with the lanky fast bowler and they are now wanting to see whether Shoaib get himself ready for this crunch game of surrey.

The manager also said that they have got 3 games in their hand which they desperate to win and to do that they there needs to be something special to happen. But it needs to be seen if there is any sort of legal problem to include a foreign player in the midst of a season. On the other hand, it has to be seen how he performs if he plays.

But one thing is sure he will give his best to this because this performance can prove his candidature for the forthcoming cricket series of Pakistan and T20 cricket matches especially the IPL.

Jones absence- A great loss for England

September 2, 2008

Kevin Pietersen, the captain of the England Cricket Team, has said that it is indeed unfortunate to not been able to pick the tall lanky fast-bowler of Welsh, Simon Jones.
Jones, who is suffering from his damaged cartilage, will be out of cricket for this entire season.

The 29 year old pacer has been ruled out for at least 8-10 weeks which also means that he will not be part of the England team to their tour to India within 2 months time. Jones played an extremely crucial part in England’s win against the mighty Australians in 2005 Ashes Series.

The captain said that he would have love top take Jones against the Indians but unfortunately he will not be able to do so.

In the mean time, Jones himself is also very upset with his sudden injury. In fact he was the hero of that famous series against the Australians and without him the pace attack of England will surely be bit weak.

If we go through the statistics of the English side for the past couple of years, we will see that England has depended a lot to this lanky medium pacer. So England will definitely feel the absence of Simon Jones.

Indian olympic association fear from cricket

The president of Indian Olympic Association, Suresh Kalmadi, has recently said that he doesn’t want to see T 20 Cricket being played in the Commonwealth Games. He also added that India will definitely bid for the Olympic Games of 2020.

Kalmadi told the press reporters that though Indian Olympic association proposed the inclusion of cricket in its new T20 cricket format in the Games during bidding, but he himself is not a fan of cricket.

He feels that especially with India, a country that worships cricket, if cricket is added in the games then it will grab all the attention. Kalmadi expressed his desire to bid for the 2020 Olympic after a good show in the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

But interestingly, Kalmadi has confessed the fact that lack of scientific training is a big obstacle to the success of India in the Olympic Games. Government has already announced a Rs 700 crore for a proper training for the Indian players for the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

2008 Olympic has shown the amount of talent India has in Boxing and the president also urges the armed forces as well as the policemen to encourage more number of sportsmen.

The main reason for fear of MR. Kalmadi is that, if cricket is included in the Commonwealth games or the Olympic games, he might loose the control over the Indian Olympic association, as BCCI will dominate the Indian Olympic association because of the simple reason, cricket is religion in India and if inculd3ed in commonwealth games, it will be one man show, where we can only see T20 cricket every where.

Cricket rules here

Honeymoon with Olympic sports short-lived

Past one month has rarely seen the Indians celebrating and shouting for boxers and shooters rather than cricketers. Yes, the medals of the Olympic Games by Avinav Bindra and Vijender Kumar etc have really made us proud.

Especially the performance by Avinav Bindra should be given kudos and media from every corners of our country flashed this young lad from Chandigarh. To be honest, Bindra’s gold medal is surely something that will be cherished for a long time to come.

But more importantly what this man had said after winning medal is like an eye-opener for us. This man has fearlessly said that there is something wrong in our whole infrastructure this is not only sad but indeed frustrating to see that having 120 crores of population, we are unable to win even 10 medals.

But yes, as long as the worship and focus will remain only in cricket, the things don’t seem to be changing because we have been these things for a long time. Still Olympic Games look fed compare to the glamor and glitter of cricket.

Its all over for Cricketer Andrew symonds

Cricketer of the Australian National side, Andrew Symonds, is now in a bit tight situation after being blamed for lack of commitment towards his team of late. Incidentally, the tall-lanky all-rounder of the Australian cricket Team had gone fishing last week leaving the practice-schedule of his team.

And furthermore, the player will miss the ODI series against Bangladesh because he went straight to his home from Darwin without even bothering to attend the compulsory team meeting.

It’s not for the first time that Symonds has committed such a mistake that is against the rule of the game. In 2005, he got drunk and he even fought with a South African Rugby player in the year 2006.

And importantly both Ricky Ponting and Michael Clarke, who had helped this player in previous cases, this time, have stood silent. According to the Australian Cricket Manager, the board will now tear up the contract with the player this time.

Though the Australian cricket board seems to be bit stubborn this time but let see what actually they do to solve this problem this time round.

I would really appreciate the level of professionalism in Australian cricket board and BCCI should learn some thing from them. As it is considered one of the most unprofessional cricket board which revolves around few people.

Yosuf worried for pakistan cricket

September 1, 2008


Ace Pakistani International Cricketer Mohammad Yousuf today has said that he is not happy with the amount of International exposure given to the Pakistan cricket national side. Importantly, after Australia has terminated their tour to Pakistan, Pakistan will end up this year by playing not even a single test.

Yousuf, who has represented Pakistan in 269 ODIs and in 79 Tests, has expressed his concern over the current situation with the Pakistan cricket. He is not only disappointed, but feels that such situation has never had with any international cricket side.

The last blow to the cricket loving country was of course when the ICC decided to pull out the Champions Trophy from Pakistan that was scheduled to play here from 12th September 2008.

Yousuf also expressed his concern over the fact that lack of Test Cricket will actually decrease the ability to play strong and skillful cricket among the current Pakistan players. In this craze of T20 cricket, the real test is of course the Test Cricket and even that stops then it will be really a blow to the Pakistan Cricket.

Yuvraj Slapped by emotional fan

It is very true and secret news. Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh was slapped in a disco in Colombo , while the team was celebrating the series win over the host srilanka.

The Incident took place in a disco in the heart of city Colombo, where the Indian cricket team was celebrating their 2nd best achievement after the T 20 cricket world cup win. Every one was enjoying and partying hard and why not ? they have done very hard work for this.

But there are people in this world who can't be satisfied irrespective of whatever you do.

During the party , a emotional hardcore Yuvraj singh fan, came and slapped yuvi because of his failure in the series with Srilandka. After slapping yuvraj, the person ram away and every one was shocked and they did not know what to do, but after few minutes of tense environment, the party was continued.

Every one knows that you can win the most difficult battles in the field but winning the Fans is the hardest of all job.

One should understand that cricketers or any other celebrities are also human being and they do have some limitation, and its really bad to over expect from them every time. one should always accept the failures and success of their heroes equally.

Indian Cricket

Without him Indian Cricket can't be complete, The greatest cricketer we have every seen.

The new lethal force of Indian cricket marked their presence by winning the world in T20 cricket, a new poster boy of the cricket. A long way to go for them.

The world cup victory in 1983 marked a new era in Indian Cricket, India's get recognition in the cricketing world.

Cricket is Religion and crickets are god in India, this is a famous and very true saying as far as cricket in India is concerned.

The cricket has indeed come a long way for the past couple of centuries and though it was invented in London and its counties, cricket seems to have shifted its base to Asian countries like India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka for the past couple of decades.

Very often we see a banner in any of the international outings of India’s national team which says: ‘cricket is our religion’. And it itself shows how popular the game of cricket is in a country like India.

But probably the most important factor is that India, having a population of over 100 crores, is at the centre of target for all the sponsors because in this country cricket and Hindi-films sells like nothing else and if you can associate your company with any of the ODIs of India then it’s done. The commercial profit is probably the biggest reason why India has become the power-house of money in the game of cricket.

Cricket to India is what Football is to Brazil and today almost 8 out of 10 kids in India want to become a cricketer in the future. Cricketers are God in this country and the amount of interest for the game is such that India and cricket has almost become synonyms.

And after the arrival of the latest form of the game called the T 20 cricket, the popularity of cricket and cricketers seems to be just increasing. If there is any India’s match going on in the TV you can expect the roads to get empty well before the night, such is the craze of this game in our country. This is one such country where cricket plays a key role to unite the public and the heart of the nation also beats with every game of the nation side.

I can undoubtedly say that cricket is the most popular game in India and no other sports can challenge its supremacy.

Australia overcome symonds Issue

August 31, 2008

After the sad expulsion of Andrew Symonds from the current Australia- Bangladesh cricket series due to indiscipline, Australia convincingly thrashed the protease by 180 runs.

Australia wrap up the second Inning in 27.4 over and the poor Bangladesh could only make 74 runs. This was Bangladesh's lowest score in the one day international matches, earlier it was against India,where they were knocked out on 76.

Hussey came out to be the star in the match with 85 runs of 87 balls. Opener Shaun marsh also made 76 runs in his first international match in the home soil.

With the absence of big name like ponting, symonds, Hayden and Bret Lee, The Australians were still playing like the way they are known.

For Bangladesh, this tour is going to be really really tough as they have to play some good cricket to with stand in front of Aussies.

Money in cricket

August 30, 2008

The game of cricket, which has an illustrated history, is played for more than 300 years and with time it has become one of the craziest and hot-selling games in certain parts of Europe and Asia. There has been different form of this game over the years but after the arrival of the limited over game or the ODIs to be precise, this game has certainly got a different height altogether.

There have been the governing bodies of this game like ICC or BCCI; they have always been on the look out for how this game can be more commercially successful. The craze of this game in Asian countries has also gone very high after the arrival of the limited over games of the cricket. And with the craze and huge number of people coming to watch the games in the fields, money and more money has also become a part of this game.

Today a huge number of youths in countries like India, Pakistan etc are showing keenness to learn the game, if glamour is one reason of it, money from the game itself and from the advertisements is another reason for this.

Even a decade ago, people have about choosing cricket as a career which doesn’t has a vast popularity as other worldwide games like soccer or tennis. But today you can undoubtedly say that cricket is not only money-making but it has become one of the richest games of the world thanks to the sponsors, media and advertisements that are coming with the game. You can’t even imagine how reach the governing bodies like ICC or BCCI is.

And of course thanks to the invention of the latest format of cricket, called the T 20 cup, now cricket is like a money making machine in many Asian countries. So if you have skills and age with yourself, try it once guys because you may also end up having some millions in your bank-account.

But one question looms in everyone’s mind, is the player commitment and values in the Cricket has gone down due to the excessive flow of money in the game?
And the answer for me is absolutely no?

What’s your stake on this?

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Indian Thrashed by Lankans

In the last match of the current India- Srilanka Cricket match Series, Sri Lanka thrashed India by 112 runs to make a come back after loosing the series to India in the 4th One day match itself.

In the last match again, the India Batsman were flop and they were looking helpless in front of Mendis.

If we scan the entire tour, our batsman did not performed the way they should be doing.It was only the bowler who helped India to win a cricket series in srilanka after a long time.

Dhoni was declared the Man of the series,and why not he deserve this. I think Dhoni is getting matured day by day in his current role and he is taking his responsibilities very well.

Again i would like to say that, this team combination is the best we can have for our futuristic team who will win the cricket world cup for us in 2011 and many T 20 cricket world cup as our young team has done in the past.

Cheer for the young guns.

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Latest photos

August 29, 2008

Young guns won the cricket series.

Yes the young guns of Indian Cricket has created the magic again, earlier it was in T20 cricket world cup, now this time in Sri Lanka.

India has won the series with some ups and downs. Although one match of the current series is left which is being played today. But the result of this match is not going to have any affect on the final outcome.

The best part about this win is that, every one has contributed equally, it is not like one man show which used to be in earlier Indian cricket team during the reign of the great sachin Tendulkar, Saurabh ganguly and Rahul Dravid.

Looking at the team composition, it looks a very balanced side, and i think there is no space to accommodate any one. And for betterment of Indian Cricket i think old players should call it off, as they should understand that, now the Indian Cricket does not need their services.

we do accept that they have given loads to the Indian cricket, that no body else can give, but every bright star diminish one day and give space to the new stars. In the same way, today's cricket has become fast especially the new T 20 cricket format, so they old guns of Indian cricket can't sustain in that type of cricket.

Lastly every one should cheer for Indian and its young fleet of commandants who are ready to take on any one in the cricketing world.


Pakistan Cricket is in Trouble

August 28, 2008

The all time great cricketing legend Imran Khan has said that currently the Pakistan Cricket is run by a wrong set of people who are destroying the charm of this game in this country.

He has said it regarding the ongoing problem that has aroused about the canceling the Champions Trophy Venue from Pakistan. Khan said that if this continues to go on then there will be further trouble in future for the Pakistan cricket.

The ICC (International Cricket Council) was almost forced to put off the upcoming Champions Trophy in Pakistan after nations like England, Australia and New Zealand pulled their names out of the tournament due to security purpose.

Though the ICC has announced that Pakistan holds the right to host this tournament in October next year but that is unlikely to happen after the ongoing political trauma in Pakistan.

Khan has also included that if the current government stays in the hot seat then the situations are unlikely to improve next year. Khan says that he is not happy with the way this country is fighting against a social curse like terrorism, he believes that it can be fought be fought in a different way.

Cricket tickets now on sale

The tickets for the cricket series between Australia, New Zealand and of the ODI tournament can now be purchased from the respective authorities.

The 3 test match cricket series between Australia and New Zealand will start on the 20th November at the Gabba and then it will be followed with an ODI series featuring nations like; Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.

Brisbane will also be hosting one out of three T20 matches between Australia and South Africa. After the huge success of the last season’s T20 cup, the Australian Cricket Board is also encouraging the cricket fans to come to the ground n a large number.

Not only the ODIs but last season’s all tests between India and Australia were also packed by crowd. And no wonder the T20 games were sold out the time the tickets were published. So its better for you to collect your ticket as early as possible because you may not be able to find your preferable tickets if you get late.

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Australia-India will play test match cricket in Bangalore

BCCI official today has announced that the very crucial and much talked-about test series between India and Australia will start in time; that means the first test between these two teams will start at Bangalore from the next month as par the schedule.

The BCCI secretary Niranjan Shah has told the press that here is no scope to reschedule this series and the tests will be played in Bangalore, Mohall, New Delhi and Nagpur.

After the last month’s bomb blast in Bangalore, this seems to be a challenge for the BCCI. Already the Champions Trophy in Pakistan is being called off, now its time to see how well the BCCI manages the security forces in techno-hub of India. The test in Bangalore is schedule from 9 to 13 October.

In that last month’s blast, almost 14 people were injured and 1 was killed, so from all perspective this starter of the test series is definitely going to be a highly tensed match. Not only the test match, but already a $US 400,000 ATP tournament has been called off due to security condition in Bangalore.

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Great news for Cricket Lover in India

Great news for all cricket crazy fans in India, were not able to see the current India Srilanka one day series due to not having ten sports connection.

Now the nationwide broadcaster of India, Doordarshan has been permitted by Delhi High Court to book adds the last 2 ODI cricket matches between Sri Lanka and India. Now DD would be able to share revenue that would be generated from these ODI cricket matches.

The proportion of this revenue would be 75:25 with Ten Sports, official broadcaster of India-Sri Lanka series. So by the end of the day Ten Sports will receive a 3/4th share of the total revenue. Earlier today, ten sports agreed to share the broadcasting right with DD for the remaining Cricket matches of this on-going series.

The bench had finally announced that the y were happy to see that the private channel had agreed to share rights to Doordarshan that will give a large number of Indian audience to see the live ODIs between India and Sri Lanka.

Bradman would be disappointed today

According to many cricket legends, the modern day form of cricket wouldn’t have impressed Bradman to a great extent. On the eve of the 100 year celebration of the cricketing legend, Sir Don Bradman, another legend Sam Loxton has said that the environment of the cricket and cricketing field has also changed in the recent years.

In reference to this issue, the former cricketer said that the spirit of the game in their time was far better and the ugly thing on the field called sledging was far less than what we see today. He also said that if all time great Sir Bradman could see what is happening in today’s field, then he would have extremely disappointed. And Bradman wouldn’t have liked the new T 20 cricket, which is turned into the most popular form of Cricket.

Loxton also commented that he is unsure of the fact that if Ricky Ponting, the present captain of the Australian Cricket team, is the best man to deliver the Bradman oration as the chief guest of the occasion. Though Bradman was quite known for his aloofness but Loxton he was very familiar with the legend.

England's deadliest weapon

August 27, 2008

One of the remarkable achievements in the recent years by the England cricket team is undoubtedly the Ashes win in 2005. The English opening batsman, Marcus Treschothik, has said that Murray Mints was actually the secret behind their winning that particular series.

The English bowlers used sugary spit by sucking on to the sweets in order to wet the surface of the ball. Preschool, in his autobiography, has confessed that this was the reason behind such kind of swing-bowling in that particular series. And no wonder that the Australian media have already started saying that England had cheated in that series.

But this is not new to the art of cricket and it has been going on for ages. No one can forget the usage of brylcream for more swing in the 1920s or the tricks of the sultan of swing bowling, the legendary Wasim Akram in 1990s.

You need strategy to win and these things have been happening for long. The devastating bodyline Series was also part of cricketing strategies to stop Sir Donald Bradman in 1930s. But all the reports in Sunday newspaper are not true anyway.

New Cricket stadium for Chennai

According to the reports of PTI, the worldwide news agency, Chennai is all set to create their new cricket stadium for the 2011 World Cup.

The Secretary of the TNCA (Tamil Nadu Cricket Association), Mr. Kasi Viswanathan has said that the new stadium will be located at Karunkuzhipallam, 26 km from the main city.

Worth Rs. 100 crore, this new stadium will have a capacity of about 60,000 audiences. BCCI is also quite happy to see this project getting finalized and along with the World Cup this stadium can also become one of the hottest venues for the new T 20 trend of International Cricket.

The secretary of the TNCA has also added that at first they would take the possession of the ground and then there will be an agreement between the TNC and government regarding every other detail in a short time.

It is also said that the Chepauk Ground or the M A Chidambaram stadium will also be used as a venue of different types of cricket matches.

Rain can Save India from loosing the series

Yes, it is true. Rain can rescue India from loosing the current one day international cricket series with Sri Lanka.

If rain is graceful to Indians, then in the worst case scenario, they can only get the series draw if they perform badly.

Currently they are standing at 2-1 in the series of five one day international matches.
Due to heavy rain on the Tuesday the match was called off by the umpires and they decided to have the match on the reserve day.

It will be interesting to see how the rain act today.

Gayle warns of Sri Lanka strength

August 26, 2008

Gayle warns of Sri Lanka strength

Chris Gayle, the West Indies captain, has warned his team-mates to be on their guard against Sri Lanka

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Plan for IPL Champions League put off

Probably the most gorgeous and most talked-about event of cricket called the IPL T 20 cricket championship has been cancelled due to some legal problems. The opening league that was to feature 20 top domestic teams from India, Australia, England and South Africa was scheduled from 30th Sept – 8th Oct is now under water.

Lalit Modi, the person behind successful organizing the IPL T 20 cricket tournament, has claimed that the tournament will not be abounded rather it would be rescheduled. Though Modi has not told in details but media assumes the main reason behind this delay is the disagreement between the participating nations regarding some sort of financial terms.

The mega event of $US 10 million was supposed to take place between the final of the Champions Trophy and the Oct 9 starter India-Australia test series.

On the other the England Cricket board has said that they can’t oppose their players from playing the ICL, opposed by BCCI, as it is illegal.

Asif fails in drugs test conducted by IPL

The IPL (Indian Premier League) of late has confessed that Pakistani Cricketer Mohammad Asif has been convicted guilty as per the report conducted by IDTM, the independent laboratory in Sweden that conducts drug tests.

The IPL committee has also confirmed that a report has already been sent to the franchise of the player called Delhi Daredevils as well as to the Pakistan Cricket Board. The organizing committee has also announced that the 3 member IPL Drugs Tribunal committee will have Sunil Gavaskar along with a lawyer and a doctor. If Asif is found to be guilty, then severe action will be taken against him.

Some months ago, Asif was detained at the Dubai International Airport for carrying contraband drugs just after playing the IPL, famous T 20 cricket tournament in India. Thus this issue has become more critical now and the PCB has also constituted a 3-men committee to investigate the case of the Pak bowler.

History of T 20 Cricket

T20 cricket is the new structure of the cricket, which was initially introduced in United Kingdom for inter- county professional competition by Wales and England Cricket board in the year 2003. Both the teams have single innings and bat for maximum of 20 overs.

The twenty20 cricket game is completed in approximately two and the half hour with the every innings that lasts near around in 75 minutes, therefore bringing sport closer to span of time of the other famous team games such as football or hockey. This game was introduced for creating the lively structure of sport that would be very pretty to the spectators at ground and viewers on TV and also it is very successful.

The sport is spread around the cricketing fraternity around the world. Inaugural world cup, an international level event for T 20 cricket was played in the year 2007 in South Africa and India was the first T 20 cricket world champions.

History of T 20 cricket

While idea of the short format of sport was discussed in the year 1998 and year 2001, but 20-20 cricket was not officially introduced till year 2003 when ECB launched twenty20 cricket cup in the attempt to restrain the declining attendances to the matches of the County Cricket. First authorized Twenty20 cricket matches were played in the year 2003 on 13th June between the varieties of the English counties. Initial season of the Twenty-20 cricket in the country England was the considerable success with Surrey Lions defeating Warwick shire Bears with the 9 wickets remaining in the hands in final to take cup of the Twenty20 cricket.

In the year 2008, on 1st February the Twenty20 cricket match among Australia and India in the Cricket Ground of Melbourne was sold on the sales of the pre- tickets and 84,041 citizens attended cricket match involving Twenty20 cricket champions of the World against one day international World Champions.

The International Cricket Council appoints the worldwide referees and the umpires, which is sponsored by the Emirates Airline, which officiates at entire sanctioned 5 day matches, Twenty20 cricket matches and ODIs. The International Cricket Council operates the three panels of the Umpires: significantly Affiliates and the Associates Panel, Elite Panel and International Panel. International Cricket Council is worldwide governing body of the cricket. International Cricket Council was founded as Imperial Cricket Conference in the year 1909 with the representatives from the Australia, South Africa and England renaming it in the year 1965 as the International Cricket Conference and taking up its recent name in the year 1989.

Indian Premier League is recently the most popular and the largest 20-20 cricket league in the entire World. The Indian Premier league is also called as the DLF Indian premier League and also is abbreviated as IPL. It is the Twenty20 competition of the cricket which is formed by Board of the Control for the Cricket in India. Indian premier league first session commenced on the April 18, 2008 and concluded on June 1st 2008 with Rajasthan Royals defeating the Chennai Super kings in final at DY Patil stadium in Navi Mumbai.

Internationally, T 20 cricket is played since year 2005. Till date sixteen countries have played the T 20 cricket. The 16 countries are:
• Australia
• West Indies
• Bangladesh
• India
• Kenya
• Netherlands
• England
• Pakistan
• Sri Lanka
• New Zealand
• Canada
• Bermuda
• South Africa
• Zimbabwe
• Scotland’s
• Ireland

IPL franchise Kolkatta Knight Riders in Brisbane

The King Khan is taking his Knight Riders to Brisbane for two week long training session starting from September 20th 2008.

The Knight riders will have 16 players but all the International players like Ponting , Shoaib Akhtar, Chris Gayle, McCullum will be missing from the squad. Ishant sharma will also be missing in this camp as he will be busy in Champions Trophy.

The IPL (Indian Premier League) franchise will play a T20 cricket series with the Queensland Academy and Queensland Bulls.

This practice camp was already planned and is not something which has came suddenly for the Knight Riders; this was confirmed by Graham Dixon, CEO of the Queensland cricket.

All these initiative are being taken by the Kolkatta Knight Riders to improve their performance in the next IPL Twenty 20 championship scheduled for next year.

But after this practice camp, most of the Indians players, will go and practice in the first class cricket for making a spot in the Indian national team.

It is interesting that charismatic owner of the Knight Riders is not taking any chance, and he is making sure that his team is going to be the champions in the Indian Premier League for 2009.

Captains blame Crowd for his team poor performance.

August 25, 2008

Indian cricket team captain Mahendra singh Dhoni has blamed the crowd for the poor performance of his players during the third one day international..

Dhoni said, “Since Sri Lanka had a colorful crowd it becomes difficult to spot the ball in the night especially after it (ball) becomes a bit dirty”. India won that game by 33 runs thus taking a 2-1 lead in the series. Dhoni took the India to a good victory by leading from the front, he scored 76 runs.

But I think only Dhoni’s boys were distracted by the colorful crowd and the Sri Lankan who were brilliant is the field as usual have become habitual of the colorful crowd.

It thinks it will be good for Indian Cricket team if they practice hard in the field, so that they can reach near to the Fielding standards of the other countries.

So Mr Dhoni, just take your boys in the field and work hard with them instead of commenting on the crowd, if you will drain sweat in the heat, then your boys will automatically have a shield against the distraction caused by the colorful crowd.

ICC has postponed the Champions Trophy

It was tough call for ICC to postpone the Champions Trophy, but they did not have many options with them.

With the pulling of South Africa, and fear of joining the protest by Aussies, New Zealand and England, ICC has postponed the Champions trophy scheduled in September in Pakistan to October, the venue is still the same. The venue is the major issues, as some of the leading teams do not want to tour Pakistan due to some security issues.

David Morgan, the ICC president expressed his support to the Pakistan Cricket Board in this grim time.

The main reason for the concern of these four visiting countries is that, since last few months, the Pakistan is fighting heavily with Al Qaeda and Taliban on its northwestern region dominated by tribal people. There are more than 1000 death till now due to the fighting.

The main reason for the postponement of the event was due to lack of any concrete decision regarding the venue of the game. So to get some extra lead time, ICC finally called for the postponement of the Champions Trophy

It was a very tough call for the ICC as it has great divide within itself on the issue of the venue for the Champions trophy and it is on verge on split.

The PCB has advocated that it has successfully organized Asia cup few months back and this withdrawal will cause millions of dollars loss to it, which right at this moment PCB can’t afford.

The coming few days will be very crucial for every one, as ICC will be under immense pressure form some of the powerful Asian countries for not changing the venue where has it has to deal with opposing countries.

Aussies in T20

Player Mat Runs HS Ave SR 100 50
A Symonds 13 337 85* 56.16 170.2 0 2
RT Ponting 11 315 98* 39.37 138.15 0 2
ML Hayden 9 308 73* 51.33 143.92 0 4
AC Gilchrist 13 272 48 22.66 141.66 0 0
MJ Clarke 14 147 37* 21 126.72 0 0
MEK Hussey 13 137 37 22.83 129.24 0 0
DR Martyn 4 120 96 30 162.16 0 1
BJ Hodge 8 94 36 31.33 122.07 0 0
B Lee 13 75 43* 25 138.88 0 0
SM Katich 3 69 39 34.5 146.8 0 0
CL White 2 50 40* - 192.3 0 0
GB Hogg 2 41 41 41 164 0 0
L Ronchi 1 36 36 36 163.63 0 0
SE Marsh 1 29 29 29 131.81 0 0
AC Voges 2 26 26 26 130 0 0
JN Gillespie 1 24 24 24 133.33 0 0
SR Watson 3 21 17* 21 100 0 0
JR Hopes 4 17 17 17 85 0 0
BJ Haddin 4 16 6 16 66.66 0 0