Split in ICC

August 23, 2008

Yes this is true news, the ICC is on verge of split, and the main reason for these unfortunate circumstances is the current Venue for the Champions trophy. Recently South Africa has pulled back from the ICC champion’s trophy due to the security concern over the venue in Pakistan.

Australia, New Zealand and England have already said that they are not going to participate in the tournament if the venue of the Champions trophy is not changed from Pakistan to some where else.

There are very high chances that the Venue for the Champions trophy is moved from Pakistan to Sri Lanka.

IF this happens and four strong member nation of ICC does not participate in the tournament then we can see a probable collapse in the entire championship and costing millions of dollars loss to ESPN-STAR.

One more concern looming regarding the change of venue, if this is demand is accepted this time, them we might see the same demand being asked during the time of world cup in 2011 going to be held in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

One of the reasons for aggravation of the crisis is because the mighty India, which is the controlling authority of the ICC wants to teach lesson to the players who does not want to tour Pakistan, just they want to prove their mettle in the game.

But for the betterment of the game, people should sit and decide the best way to settle the dispute. Because if there is partition in the ICC, then the only cricket will be the worst affected.

T20 to make debut in Asian Games in 2010

August 22, 2008

Come 2010, we are going to see Twenty20 cricket in the 16th Asian games to be held in China. This is great news for every T20 lower, as their favorite game is getting recognition in global arena.

Randhir Singh, Secretary General of Olympic council of Asia announce the inclusion of T20 in the 16th Asian games, but he disappointed the females team as this inclusion will be only of the men T20 teams, but he has not denied the fact that females team will also be allowed to participate in the coming years.

The test playing Asian countries will be fighting for the medals. The main contenders are India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

The final go ahead was given during the General Assembly meeting of the Olympic council of Asia held in the Kuwait.

This inclusion of T20 can turn into a mutual beneficial association for both the OCA and the T 20 cricket. The OCA will get the loads of revenue which will be only because of the cricket and on the other hand the T 20 cricket will get entry into the International level event and then Olympics will be the only target left.

Bradman anniversary: must celebrate festival for every cricketer

This month every one around the world is busy with Olympics and they have for got any other sports related events, but the cricketing fans around the world are ready to celebrate the Anniversary of the greatest showman of the cricket, Sir Don Bradman. The man who has amazing average of 99.94 in batting, even the greatest cricketer is miles away from that record.

The great Bradman was born in Cootamundra and most of his time was spent in Adelaide

The main attraction of the event is the collection of largest number of Aussies test cap done ever before in the museum. This remarkable collection spans from 106 years and include the skull cap of Victor Trumper, Baggy green of Adam Gilchrist.

This celebration is not only important to the Australian but for the entire world, for every one who has to do anything with cricket. We should remember this great man who has given lot to the cricket.

Mendismania…..How long this is going to stay?

Mendis, this name has troubled the Indian Cricket team from last few months. Every one is keen to know when this Mendismania is going to get over.

Legendary Indian pacer Javagal Srinath said that if Indians want to tame Mendis, then they have to have a calculated and aggressive approach.

We should accept that Medis has impressed every one with his performance, he is a Intelligent and dangerous bowler, but he can be stopped. This has been proved by Dhoni and Badhrinath in the second One day in Dambulla, where India defeated the host by 3 wickets.

The main problem with the Indians at the moment is that they have fed up with Medismania and they are not able to play him naturally. What they need is a small break and removes every type of psychological pressure. They should believe in their capabilities.

They can easily over come this medismania, after all there are some greatest players of the game in the Indian side and Mendis is not a difficult problem to overcome.

Cricket in Olympics: is this right?

Yes definitely this famous sport should be included in the biggest arena of the international sports. It has been quite a long time since people are advocating the inclusion of the game in the Olympics but till now the IOC has not paid any attention to this.

But now even the cricketers are advocating the inclusion of cricket in Olympics. But the biggest resistance comes from the people from other sports, like tennis, football and many others. But I don’t understand that why people particularly resisting the cricket when we are having almost all the team games like hockey and football included in the Olympics a century ago.

One of the reasons can be the fear of people associated with other sports that if Cricket is included in the Olympics, it will steal the show and will overshadow other sports. But let me make one thing very clear that cricket is a interesting game and is growing popular then any other sports, but it can’t overshadow other game, as there will be always section of people who will be interested in other sports.

But inclusion of cricket will benefit the cricket most, as it will get a place in the international sports event, where all the nation of the world come and compete. I will give a much needed international popularity to the game and will further help in making this game a very popular event. Once it becomes popular, we can see 100 countries participation in the ICC world cup or any other tournament.

So IOC should understand that, their role is related to development of all the sports in some way, so the inclusion of cricket will always boost the popularity of the game.

The real challenge lies in Season 2

August 21, 2008

Sundar Raman, the CEO of the very successful IPL, has already started for the next year’s IPL tournament along with the upcoming T20 Cup to be played in the next month. Tying up with several big vendors and leading sponsors, the CEO also confirmed that they are also in talks with 2 major sponsors.

He told us that IPL committee has already bagged a 30 crore deal for the next IPL tournament. Now readers, make no mistake about the fact that these guys are indeed doing and dealing with a very successful and comprehensive business called the IPL.

Happy with the first year’s performance Raman said that IPL proved to be a great success because they were able to promote it properly and the quality of cricket played in this tournament was outstanding.

But he points out that their real challenge will be the next year’s championship after so much of expectation.

T20 event in Canada

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) yesterday had announced that the quadrangular T20 tournament involving West Indies and Pakistan has been rescheduled and will now be played in Toronto from 10-13th October this year.

All playing nations have already been informed. The competition will also feature Bangladesh along with the hosts Canada; and it is expected that this T20 cup will surely gain the old interest for cricket in Canada

The matches were due to take place from August 14 to 17 in Toronto Cricket skating but called off when West Indies cricket board failed to sign the Memorandum. The spokesman of the organizing committee said that at last the West Indies Cricket Board has given a proper assurance that they will sign the contract that would entrust its team’s participation in T20 cup.

The PCB has also approved the tournament’s new dates and the Pakistan national team will be free from any further international commitment in the month of October.

Its time for dada to go...

May be the time is knocking at he door of one of India’s finest left-handed batsman and an extraordinary captain Sourav Ganguly. The long and successful career of this man has not only achieved some of the monumental glories of Indian cricket but it has also shown to the world that India too can knock the opponent in aggressive attitude when needed.

And who can forget that historic India-Australia test series in 2003-’04 or the final of the World Cup 2003. But isn’t it quite amazing to think that with age even the player of great stature becomes dispensable.

But even if Sourav retires now, till date he remains the finest left-hander and probably the most successful captain of the Indian cricket team. Like the great Srilankan captain Arjuna Ranatunga, Sourav also showed the non-Asians that India too can battle it out in the ground till the last ball of the match is bowled. Barring the god-gifted talent to the off-side, the courage shown by Sourav will never fade in Indian cricket.

T20 in New York

The Police Department of New York or NYPD has recently launched a cricket league that to be played within 6 teams in the city of New York. Almost 100 players from Guyanese-Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani origin have shown their interest to play in this league. The NYPD is also encouraging the teenage players to participate in this T20 league.

Raymond Kelly, the Police Commissioner inaugurated the first match of this league on last Wednesday. He said that he expects to see more number of foreign-origin players like Bangladeshis along with the local players will participate here with each other. Infact NYPD has also planned to initiate long-term T20 league for the development of cricket among the youth in this part of the world.

Even the local Pakistanis and the Bangladeshis are also quite happy to participate in this kind of a tournament that will also give them a chance to showcase their talent and potential.

Bindra's Gold above then every thing?

Do you think the same way as Mr Gill think?
for me its certainly no. I highly appreciate what Mr Bindra has done, but you can't put the T20 world cup aside. After all the young guns of cricket made us proud and they defeated the undisputed leader in the world cricket; the mighty Aussie's.

I do agree that in our country Cricket overshadow every sport, and the money comes into this game is more then the combined of the entire games. The cricketers also lives a lavish life which is very distant from others.
But every one should understand that, Indian government has not provided and support or subsidy to the cricketing body nor they have give some special budget to the BCCI. what ever they are today it is because of their sheer hard work and business acumen. No body stops other cricketing bodies to do whatever BCCI did to cricket.

More over our other sports man does not do any wonder even if they get hell lot of facilities. remember Mr Rajyavardhan singh Rathore, the previous Olympic winner, after winning medal in Athens he got the best facilities for his training, but what was the out come of it? A big failure and disappointment after the wait of 4 years.

I do respect other sports and sportsman, but before commenting on any thing one should check your self.

Abhinav bindra has made us proud by winning the gold in individual events, but it will be interesting and desirable that he continue to perform in the same manner in the other international events and try to repeat this in the next Olympics with some more medals.

Scotland replace Zimbawe in World T20

The international cricketing body confirmed that Zimbabwe would not participate in The world T20 cup which is going to held in England next year and Scotland will replace Zimbabwe.

This decision came out after a joint meeting between the International cricket council official and the Zimbabwe cricket official held in Dubai. The main reason attributed by the Zimbabwe officials is the public apposition faced by the authority in Zimbabwe.

Considering the current political scenario in the country , where the president Mugabe is not willing to step down from the top post in the country despite of huge pressure from west.
so in this situation it is very difficult for the Zimbabwean team to get permission to enter in United Kingdom.

The ICC react positively to this and said that, there is need to create a strong optimism for the success of the event so they have dropped the Zimbabwe m the list of the participants. The ICC president Mr David Morgan confirmed the replacement of Zimbabwe by Scotland in the next year T 20 World cup.