The IPL advantage

March 30, 2008

The biggest advantage with IPL(Indian premier league) is the forced backing from all the the cricket board from all over the world. As every one knows that, IPL is BCCI baby, so it is doing every possible efforts to grow and nurture its baby, but mind it, only in Ideal laboratory conditions.

It is saving its so called baby The IPL form the fierce competition , started because of the Initiation of Indian Cricket leagues by Zee group. The main advantage with the BCCI is as most of the people think its cash rich kitty, but this is not true. ICL ( Indian Cricket League) has several times more powerful financial muscles then the BCCI.
But BCCI has the advantage of Infrastructure and support from International cricket fraternity, especially the ICC ( International Cricket Council). Through using this , it has warned all International and domestic cricketer from a possible blackouts in case if they opt for joining ICL (Indian Cricket League).

IPL is not being allowed to face the real world, it is being mushrooming under the safe and protected roof of BCCI and other cricketing bodies.

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