Is IPL going to be a success?

May 1, 2008

If you are an Indian then you ought to be familiar with two things; Hindi films & Cricket. Cricket, which is considered as a religion in this country, is not only a game but many more than that. When ODI was introduced to the cricket loving people the organizers were not sure about its success but slowly we have seen how this form of the game has conquered this nation and don’t forget the fact that Test cricket hasn’t yet lost it’s old charm & exuberance. But here we will be discussing about something which is in the centre of discussion for various reasons. Yes, I am talking about nothing but IPL, the hottest thing in India nowadays.

Well, you can say it the latest and shortest version of International Cricket which has entered the craziest venue of International Cricket, India. The IPL actually is a 20/20 cricket league which is played by professional cricketers all around the world. Mainly promoted by BCCI, this format of the cricket games hopes to bring lots of money in ICC’s bank account. There are 8 teams playing in this league: Kings 11 Punjab, Bangalore Royal Challengers, Chennai Super Kings, Deccan Chargers, Mumbai Indians, Rajasthan Royals, Kolkata Knight Riders & Delhi Daredevils. Many celebrities from other field of society have also entered the stage of IPL.Leading Bollywood stars like Shahrukh Khan, Priety Zinta and businessmen like Mukesh Ambani & Vijay Malliya have their own teams.

Now as we know that the people of India love the game of cricket more than anything we can predict that in the initial stages people will surely come to see the IPL 20/20 not only to see this new format but to see the other aspects of this game. You know I personally feel that 20/20 cricket is like a package of entertainment because in the ground you will get a vibrant surroundings with live performances. But it will be too early to comment anything about the future of this game. Let see how people response to this format of the game, which so far looks good. But whether 20/20 will leave permanently? Well, nobody can answer that question now. Look, one true thing is that today we are living in a very fast world and many people don’t have time to see a 5day test match, they want quick entertainment. 20/20 is like a hot burger and some people will surely find it interesting. But this is too early to say something final about the success of IPL.

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