Inzy criticizes MCC nonsensical opinion on Oval test match

November 6, 2008

Ex-captain of Pakistan Cricket team Inzamam-ul-Haq criticized the ill-conceived view of MCC authorities regarding their doggedness to modify the outcome of the controversial test match between England & Pakistan. Inzy was the pivotal of the entire hullabaloo that was raised at that point of time. Back to 2006, Pakistan became the first side in the annals of the test cricket to surrender a test match to the opposite team. At present, Inzy is the skipper of the Lahore Badshahs which is one of the team in the rebel cricket T20 league.

Inzamam was the captain of the Pakistani team in 2006 Oval test match and plainly declined to lead the team to resume play on second last day of the test match held in Oval because of the allegations levelled against the team of Pakistan for intentionally altering the seam of the bowl. The act led the on-field umpires Hair and Doctrove to give the match to the English team.

As a follow-up to the post-oval incidence, the inquiry panel setup by the International Cricket Council absolved the Pakistani team of all the charges. In early phase of the year, ICC altered the so-called forfeited match to a drawn test match after sustained the unruffled pressure from the Asian boards.

Nonetheless, Marylebone Cricket Club popularly known by its abbreviation and also known as the guardian of the cricketing rules seemed despondent with the pronouncement of the apex body of the world cricket, so it declared ICCs’ decision regarding oval test to be null and void.

The decision of MCC also received a boost when International Cricket Council current president David Morgan supported the club’s’ decision and also expressed his displeasure at the oval test being declared to be a drawn test match.

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