Kumbles’ retirement: A great loss for Indian Cricket

November 15, 2008

The sudden announcement of retirement from international test cricket by Anil Kumble bombarded everyone from fellow players, board officials, media personnel to general public with a sense of disbelief.

In the opinion of off-spinner Harbhajan Singh, Kumble decision to retire will impact in long term to the Indian team. Bhajji who has declared himself fit to play in the final test of the India-Australia series was taken by surprise by Jumbos’ call. Bhajji said that he is indubitably going to miss Anil Kumble at the other end of the bowling line.

But Singh was also clear in your mind that Anil Bhai (his nickname to anil kumble) sequestration after the Kotla test will in no way prove to be a distraction in India’s way of sealing a series victory against the resurgent Australian team in the Final test to be played at Nagpur.

Anil Kumbles’ decision to call it quits has lot of positivity in it as it will allow other spinners to prove their bowling mettle on the field. Kumble has built a legacy or fashion of sought which the other upcoming spinners can look to follow. Not only in his entire cricketing career spanning over 18 years, jumbo as he’s fondly called, has left a lot of optimism for the young lot of the Indian cricket team.

Unless and until, a whole new brood of good quality off-sinners don’t develop, it is quite possible that the spin attack of the Indian cricket team will look frail for a moment. At present, we have only Harbhajan Singh spearheading the spin attack apart from Amit Mishra. The board must also vigorously look for other alternatives in case of any injuries otherwise it might disastrously affect the team’s performance.

Nevertheless, it is advisable in the near future for the Indian cricket team not to get distract from the looming landmarks in addition to further departures of the senior players in the future for the good health of the team.

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