No respite to England’s Cricketing Woes

November 27, 2008

What must have gone wrong with the decision-making ability of the English cricket team prior to the start of England’s tour of India. From the beginning of their first game in Indore till the most recent match played in Bangalore, it looks like as if bad luck doesn’t want to leave the English team.

England Cricket team have committed a comedy of errors in nearly all 4 matches they have played so far. First of all they went through the similar modus operandi when dealing with the South African players in their previous series against South Africa. It was absolute idiocy on their part.

In today’s age where every infinitesimal cricketing aspect is being fed in the laptops of the England’s management, it was understood that the touring team would have learnt from their past mistakes. Secondly, the frequently juggled that winning combination which was used to post thumping victories against South Africa.

In the fourth one-day match played in Bangalore, England was trounced by sixteen runs in the rain infested ODI by India. For the touring team it was a life saver that had to be won at any cost. But at this point of time, England created their third blunder by holding back their big hitting batsmen. The fourth error was committed when they didn’t not have proper full-time spinner which was pre-requisite for ensuring comfortable win on Indian pitches. Kevin Pietersen couldn’t learn from the mistakes committed by Aussie skipper Ricky Ponting who chose to play by not including any full-time spinner.

One more factor which was ignored by the team management of England was that their best and most dependable players must have promoted to open the innings so that they could have laid a solid foundation for the players to come.

With three more matches to be played in the current ODI series, England must at least play their heart out to minimise the chances of getting no result in their favour.

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