Cricket Australia tour is in danger

September 15, 2008

The coming Australia tour of India is in danger, Cricket Australia has as its security experts to analyze the security situation in India, after serial blast shattered the Capital Delhi on Saturday, where one of the test matches of the four test match cricket series are scheduled to play.

Australian Foreign minister said that they will decide on the future of the tour after the security clearance from the intelligence agencies. Meanwhile it is interesting to know that all the cricket team through out the world love to play against India, not because they are the best in the game, but because of the money this game generate in India.

Cricket Australia, already refused to visit Pakistan to participate in Champions Trophy due to security concern, it will be interesting to watch their move in the India tour, as canceling this trip will not be that much easy for anyone because of the huge amount of money involve.

But what I think is that, there is huge difference between India and Pakistan, and India will be hosting the tournament successfully.

The Biggest problem Cricket Australia would be facing is from PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) which has suffered a huge loss of money due to suspension of champion’s trophy.


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