Indian Cricket

September 1, 2008

Without him Indian Cricket can't be complete, The greatest cricketer we have every seen.

The new lethal force of Indian cricket marked their presence by winning the world in T20 cricket, a new poster boy of the cricket. A long way to go for them.

The world cup victory in 1983 marked a new era in Indian Cricket, India's get recognition in the cricketing world.

Cricket is Religion and crickets are god in India, this is a famous and very true saying as far as cricket in India is concerned.

The cricket has indeed come a long way for the past couple of centuries and though it was invented in London and its counties, cricket seems to have shifted its base to Asian countries like India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka for the past couple of decades.

Very often we see a banner in any of the international outings of India’s national team which says: ‘cricket is our religion’. And it itself shows how popular the game of cricket is in a country like India.

But probably the most important factor is that India, having a population of over 100 crores, is at the centre of target for all the sponsors because in this country cricket and Hindi-films sells like nothing else and if you can associate your company with any of the ODIs of India then it’s done. The commercial profit is probably the biggest reason why India has become the power-house of money in the game of cricket.

Cricket to India is what Football is to Brazil and today almost 8 out of 10 kids in India want to become a cricketer in the future. Cricketers are God in this country and the amount of interest for the game is such that India and cricket has almost become synonyms.

And after the arrival of the latest form of the game called the T 20 cricket, the popularity of cricket and cricketers seems to be just increasing. If there is any India’s match going on in the TV you can expect the roads to get empty well before the night, such is the craze of this game in our country. This is one such country where cricket plays a key role to unite the public and the heart of the nation also beats with every game of the nation side.

I can undoubtedly say that cricket is the most popular game in India and no other sports can challenge its supremacy.

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