Yuvraj Slapped by emotional fan

September 1, 2008

It is very true and secret news. Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh was slapped in a disco in Colombo , while the team was celebrating the series win over the host srilanka.

The Incident took place in a disco in the heart of city Colombo, where the Indian cricket team was celebrating their 2nd best achievement after the T 20 cricket world cup win. Every one was enjoying and partying hard and why not ? they have done very hard work for this.

But there are people in this world who can't be satisfied irrespective of whatever you do.

During the party , a emotional hardcore Yuvraj singh fan, came and slapped yuvi because of his failure in the series with Srilandka. After slapping yuvraj, the person ram away and every one was shocked and they did not know what to do, but after few minutes of tense environment, the party was continued.

Every one knows that you can win the most difficult battles in the field but winning the Fans is the hardest of all job.

One should understand that cricketers or any other celebrities are also human being and they do have some limitation, and its really bad to over expect from them every time. one should always accept the failures and success of their heroes equally.

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