Bindra's Gold above then every thing?

August 21, 2008

Do you think the same way as Mr Gill think?
for me its certainly no. I highly appreciate what Mr Bindra has done, but you can't put the T20 world cup aside. After all the young guns of cricket made us proud and they defeated the undisputed leader in the world cricket; the mighty Aussie's.

I do agree that in our country Cricket overshadow every sport, and the money comes into this game is more then the combined of the entire games. The cricketers also lives a lavish life which is very distant from others.
But every one should understand that, Indian government has not provided and support or subsidy to the cricketing body nor they have give some special budget to the BCCI. what ever they are today it is because of their sheer hard work and business acumen. No body stops other cricketing bodies to do whatever BCCI did to cricket.

More over our other sports man does not do any wonder even if they get hell lot of facilities. remember Mr Rajyavardhan singh Rathore, the previous Olympic winner, after winning medal in Athens he got the best facilities for his training, but what was the out come of it? A big failure and disappointment after the wait of 4 years.

I do respect other sports and sportsman, but before commenting on any thing one should check your self.

Abhinav bindra has made us proud by winning the gold in individual events, but it will be interesting and desirable that he continue to perform in the same manner in the other international events and try to repeat this in the next Olympics with some more medals.

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