Cricket in Olympics: is this right?

August 22, 2008

Yes definitely this famous sport should be included in the biggest arena of the international sports. It has been quite a long time since people are advocating the inclusion of the game in the Olympics but till now the IOC has not paid any attention to this.

But now even the cricketers are advocating the inclusion of cricket in Olympics. But the biggest resistance comes from the people from other sports, like tennis, football and many others. But I don’t understand that why people particularly resisting the cricket when we are having almost all the team games like hockey and football included in the Olympics a century ago.

One of the reasons can be the fear of people associated with other sports that if Cricket is included in the Olympics, it will steal the show and will overshadow other sports. But let me make one thing very clear that cricket is a interesting game and is growing popular then any other sports, but it can’t overshadow other game, as there will be always section of people who will be interested in other sports.

But inclusion of cricket will benefit the cricket most, as it will get a place in the international sports event, where all the nation of the world come and compete. I will give a much needed international popularity to the game and will further help in making this game a very popular event. Once it becomes popular, we can see 100 countries participation in the ICC world cup or any other tournament.

So IOC should understand that, their role is related to development of all the sports in some way, so the inclusion of cricket will always boost the popularity of the game.

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