Split in ICC

August 23, 2008

Yes this is true news, the ICC is on verge of split, and the main reason for these unfortunate circumstances is the current Venue for the Champions trophy. Recently South Africa has pulled back from the ICC champion’s trophy due to the security concern over the venue in Pakistan.

Australia, New Zealand and England have already said that they are not going to participate in the tournament if the venue of the Champions trophy is not changed from Pakistan to some where else.

There are very high chances that the Venue for the Champions trophy is moved from Pakistan to Sri Lanka.

IF this happens and four strong member nation of ICC does not participate in the tournament then we can see a probable collapse in the entire championship and costing millions of dollars loss to ESPN-STAR.

One more concern looming regarding the change of venue, if this is demand is accepted this time, them we might see the same demand being asked during the time of world cup in 2011 going to be held in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

One of the reasons for aggravation of the crisis is because the mighty India, which is the controlling authority of the ICC wants to teach lesson to the players who does not want to tour Pakistan, just they want to prove their mettle in the game.

But for the betterment of the game, people should sit and decide the best way to settle the dispute. Because if there is partition in the ICC, then the only cricket will be the worst affected.

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