Mendismania…..How long this is going to stay?

August 22, 2008

Mendis, this name has troubled the Indian Cricket team from last few months. Every one is keen to know when this Mendismania is going to get over.

Legendary Indian pacer Javagal Srinath said that if Indians want to tame Mendis, then they have to have a calculated and aggressive approach.

We should accept that Medis has impressed every one with his performance, he is a Intelligent and dangerous bowler, but he can be stopped. This has been proved by Dhoni and Badhrinath in the second One day in Dambulla, where India defeated the host by 3 wickets.

The main problem with the Indians at the moment is that they have fed up with Medismania and they are not able to play him naturally. What they need is a small break and removes every type of psychological pressure. They should believe in their capabilities.

They can easily over come this medismania, after all there are some greatest players of the game in the Indian side and Mendis is not a difficult problem to overcome.

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