Bradman would be disappointed today

August 28, 2008

According to many cricket legends, the modern day form of cricket wouldn’t have impressed Bradman to a great extent. On the eve of the 100 year celebration of the cricketing legend, Sir Don Bradman, another legend Sam Loxton has said that the environment of the cricket and cricketing field has also changed in the recent years.

In reference to this issue, the former cricketer said that the spirit of the game in their time was far better and the ugly thing on the field called sledging was far less than what we see today. He also said that if all time great Sir Bradman could see what is happening in today’s field, then he would have extremely disappointed. And Bradman wouldn’t have liked the new T 20 cricket, which is turned into the most popular form of Cricket.

Loxton also commented that he is unsure of the fact that if Ricky Ponting, the present captain of the Australian Cricket team, is the best man to deliver the Bradman oration as the chief guest of the occasion. Though Bradman was quite known for his aloofness but Loxton he was very familiar with the legend.


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