England's deadliest weapon

August 27, 2008

One of the remarkable achievements in the recent years by the England cricket team is undoubtedly the Ashes win in 2005. The English opening batsman, Marcus Treschothik, has said that Murray Mints was actually the secret behind their winning that particular series.

The English bowlers used sugary spit by sucking on to the sweets in order to wet the surface of the ball. Preschool, in his autobiography, has confessed that this was the reason behind such kind of swing-bowling in that particular series. And no wonder that the Australian media have already started saying that England had cheated in that series.

But this is not new to the art of cricket and it has been going on for ages. No one can forget the usage of brylcream for more swing in the 1920s or the tricks of the sultan of swing bowling, the legendary Wasim Akram in 1990s.

You need strategy to win and these things have been happening for long. The devastating bodyline Series was also part of cricketing strategies to stop Sir Donald Bradman in 1930s. But all the reports in Sunday newspaper are not true anyway.

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