Money in cricket

August 30, 2008

The game of cricket, which has an illustrated history, is played for more than 300 years and with time it has become one of the craziest and hot-selling games in certain parts of Europe and Asia. There has been different form of this game over the years but after the arrival of the limited over game or the ODIs to be precise, this game has certainly got a different height altogether.

There have been the governing bodies of this game like ICC or BCCI; they have always been on the look out for how this game can be more commercially successful. The craze of this game in Asian countries has also gone very high after the arrival of the limited over games of the cricket. And with the craze and huge number of people coming to watch the games in the fields, money and more money has also become a part of this game.

Today a huge number of youths in countries like India, Pakistan etc are showing keenness to learn the game, if glamour is one reason of it, money from the game itself and from the advertisements is another reason for this.

Even a decade ago, people have about choosing cricket as a career which doesn’t has a vast popularity as other worldwide games like soccer or tennis. But today you can undoubtedly say that cricket is not only money-making but it has become one of the richest games of the world thanks to the sponsors, media and advertisements that are coming with the game. You can’t even imagine how reach the governing bodies like ICC or BCCI is.

And of course thanks to the invention of the latest format of cricket, called the T 20 cup, now cricket is like a money making machine in many Asian countries. So if you have skills and age with yourself, try it once guys because you may also end up having some millions in your bank-account.

But one question looms in everyone’s mind, is the player commitment and values in the Cricket has gone down due to the excessive flow of money in the game?
And the answer for me is absolutely no?

What’s your stake on this?

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