ICC has postponed the Champions Trophy

August 25, 2008

It was tough call for ICC to postpone the Champions Trophy, but they did not have many options with them.

With the pulling of South Africa, and fear of joining the protest by Aussies, New Zealand and England, ICC has postponed the Champions trophy scheduled in September in Pakistan to October, the venue is still the same. The venue is the major issues, as some of the leading teams do not want to tour Pakistan due to some security issues.

David Morgan, the ICC president expressed his support to the Pakistan Cricket Board in this grim time.

The main reason for the concern of these four visiting countries is that, since last few months, the Pakistan is fighting heavily with Al Qaeda and Taliban on its northwestern region dominated by tribal people. There are more than 1000 death till now due to the fighting.

The main reason for the postponement of the event was due to lack of any concrete decision regarding the venue of the game. So to get some extra lead time, ICC finally called for the postponement of the Champions Trophy

It was a very tough call for the ICC as it has great divide within itself on the issue of the venue for the Champions trophy and it is on verge on split.

The PCB has advocated that it has successfully organized Asia cup few months back and this withdrawal will cause millions of dollars loss to it, which right at this moment PCB can’t afford.

The coming few days will be very crucial for every one, as ICC will be under immense pressure form some of the powerful Asian countries for not changing the venue where has it has to deal with opposing countries.


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